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Mary Spivey and Caiti Langer

Mary Spivey, Education Coordinator, and Caiti Langer, Education Intern, gave a great presentation on the U of M’s Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. The Cedar Creek Reserve is home to the three biomes found in Minnesota (Deciduous forest, Tall grass prairie, and Boreal), making it an ideal study site so close to the Twin Cities. Spivey and Langer helped us understand the geologic origin of the Anoka Sand plain and how it contributes to the unique water cycling of the reserve. Ray Lindeman’s seminal research at the Cedar Bog Lake led to the trophic dynamic theory, which is a cornerstone of modern ecology. Spivey and Langer also discussed the climate change research projects being conducted at Cedar Creek, in particular the work of professors David Tilman, Peter Reich, and Sarah Hobbie. In addition, they presented options for students to participate in summer internships at the Reserve.

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Spivey and Buturian

Caiti Langer, Mary Spivey, and Linda Buturian

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Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve - University of Minnesota Mary Spivey, Education Coordinator
Caiti Langer, Education Intern

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