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America: The Developing Developed Country
By Annalisa Panelli

Annalisa PanelliI am from Newark, California, a city in the Bay Area. I am a freshman in the College of Science and Engineering, and I plan on double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry with a minor in German. My story focuses on the differences and similarities between water usage and issues in America and developing countries. My summer before my senior year in high school, our school took a group of about ten students to a small, poverty-stricken city in southern California known as Coachella Valley. Many of the children lived with their large families in tiny trailer homes and had to walk miles to retrieve unclean drinking water, much like the children in developing countries. Taking the time to retrieve this unclean water often meant the children did not have even enough money for water or food, and many of the children were not given the opportunity to even attend school. It is awful to think that a country like America that is supposed to be a “developed country” experiences these abominations every day. We need to find a solution then for developing countries like India and Africa as well as finding a way to fix these problems that many cities in America experience. We have no excuse to see these problems anywhere in the world.

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