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Water Wars
By Austin Hermann

AustinHermanHello there. My name is Austin Hermann and I am a student studying finance and supply chain management at the Carlson School of Business. I love politics, international news, civics, classic literature, and helping people (oh and dreaming). My digital story topic is dealing with how the scarcity of water could lead to a violent global conflict over water and the fact that safe water is a human right. This world has so many problems but I am constantly encouraged by the amount of good that goes on as well. As the world gets more and more crazy, some people might ask, "What's the point?" And my response to them would be, "The point is that we can fix this, and the more and more people adopt that attitude the faster and easier it will be." It is so easy not to care, but it is so much more satisfying to care, and I above all I do in my life, it is my hope that I can motivate people to actually live and care. Instead of fighting, let's get the world to unite: solving the world's water crisis is the most clear way of doing that.

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