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Water, Women, and Microfinance
By Claire Kurschner

Claire KurschnerHi. My name is Claire Kurschner, and I am also a freshman. As for a bio, I must say I don’t really know who I am. I am undecided in my major, and want to study everything. I want to help people help themselves. And that’s why I’m here… to try and figure out a good way to do that. I think the reason I’m undecided is because I know that I hold so much power, and I have the responsibility to do the most good I can with it, and that scares me. Because I don’t know where to turn. But I’ll figure it out. Doing this digital story was a good jumping off point. I chose to focus on women and microfinance because I believe these two things, when connected with water, can be the key to alleviating poverty (along with a good chunk of suffering) throughout the world.

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