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Meet PsTL's MA Students

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Roberto De Freitas

Roberto De Freitas, arrived in the United States a pre-teen from Panama, his place of birth. He is fascinated with how learners learn and is interested in thinking and learning about the multiple methods that are used to study, nurture, and enhance learning outcomes. He is currently researching multicultural students’ first year experience and self-concept. Roberto has an MA in Kinesiology and is pursuing an MA in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning and a minor in Public Health. He hopes to obtain a Ph.D. Educational Psychology in the future. He believes knowledge is the ultimate measure of civilized human life. Education is the process of harnessing the inner potential and bringing it to critical consciousness. He considers CEHD an excellent place for learners. Roberto is also the Vice President of programming for the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA).

Alison Link

Alison Link is an MA student in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning, and is also pursuing a graduate minor in Program Evaluation. With an undergraduate degree in International Relations, she is interested in languages, global education, technology, and the intersections between them. Her primary research interest includes looking at academic technologies as resources for global education. During her time as a graduate student in PsTL, she has traveled to Ankara, Turkey on a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship.

Erin O'Neil
Erin J. O'Neil

Born and raised in rural Northwestern Minnesota, Erin has always had a thirst for knowledge. She received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth in English Literature with a minor in Linguistics. Now, as a student in the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning Master of Arts program, she is focusing her research on how to make trusting connections across cultures and what safe spaces mean to students on campus.

Shade Osifuye
Shade' Osifuye

Shade' Osifuye is pursuing an MA in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning and a graduate minor in Public Health. In addition to her academics, she is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for PsTL and a McNair Alumni and Advisor for the Roland E. McNair Undergraduate Summer Research Program. Her research interests focus on undergraduate students at the University of Nairobi who have physical disabilities and aims to capture personal accounts of participants’ experiences in the classroom. “It is my hope that the needs and concerns of students with physical disabilities become clearer through student voices and experiences that I share with key stakeholders in higher education in Kenya.” The goal of the implementation of an inclusive classroom education is for students with physical disabilities to become more visible and for instructors, administrators, and students without physical disabilities to have an opportunity to learn and grow from these students’ perspectives and narratives.

Greggory Reid

Greggory Reid has a love for philosophy. He enjoys making connections between abstract ideas and his own life and observing how people are shaped by their environments. He plans to pursue a doctorate in higher education and would like to transition into a teaching position so that he can stay in the classroom and continue to have stimulating, intellectual conversations.

Sara Schoen
Sara Schoen

Sara Schoen is pursuing an MA in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning and eventually a certificate (or M.Ed) with Curriculum and Instruction's Learning Technologies focused on Online Distance Learning. As a former high school math and social studies teacher, her interests include programs which empower non-traditional students to successfully transition to college and graduation. Her current work experience includes working for the University's Office of Human Resources department within Organizational Effectiveness. Utilizing her daily work has piqued her interest in making online learning accessible, interactive and relevant to learners. This includes exploring online identities in connection to student development.

Danni Song
Danni Song

Danni Song is an MA student in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning. Her undergraduate degree is a BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She is also a Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute. Danni is interested in teaching language, multicultural communication and the implementation of online tools for teaching language. Her research interest is about how to assess online learning tools in second language teaching and learning. Danni likes to interact with people from all around the world, and different aspects of diverse cultures always bring her life a lot of pleasant surprises!

Juan Telles
Juan Telles

Juan Telles is an MA student in the Multicultural College Teaching and Learning program. He also works full-time for Student Affairs in Career Services at the University of Minnesota. He enjoys learning and reading about US history, specifically about Chicano/Latino history in the U.S., which compliments his U of M undergraduate degree in History. He is an active member Minnesota Alumni Network of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. and enjoys working with the students in the Living Learning Community, Casa Sol. His research interests are summer transition programs, student experiences in college, and Universal Instructional Design. He is particularly interested in working with first-generation, low-income students getting and staying connected to the institution as well as helping them talk to their families about what they are going through. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his family and fraternity brothers and watching new movies.

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