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Research & Policy Briefs

MCRR Research Brief Spring 2017 - Need to Read Overcoming Summer Reading Loss

Need to Read: Overcoming Summer Reading Loss | Spring 2017

Multiple and Mobile Literacies for Immigrant Youth | Fall 2016

Research to Policy Brief: Full Day Kindergarten | Fall 2015

Youth of Color and Being Known: Teaching and Learning in Racially Diverse Classrooms | Fall 2015

Literacy Instruction in Full-Day Kindergarten | Fall 2014

Making Sense of Dyslexia | Spring 2014

Learning on the Blue Line: Crossing Borders of Race, Class and Social Relations | Spring 2014

Bradford Holt and How Money Matters in Learning to Read | Winter 2013-2014

From Print to Apps: Bridging Traditional Literacies with 21st Century Literacies to Support Learning through Teacher Design and Re-design | Spring 2013


Select Presentations

May 2018 - LiRN Presentation

January 2018 - LiRN Presentation

December 2017 - Learning Forward Annual Conference

September 2017 Distinguished Scholars Symposium

Summer Literacy Workshop 2017

September 2016 Distinguished Scholars Symposium

Lori Helman presentation in South Africa

Summer Literacy Workshop 2016

  • Linking Mobility to Pedagogy with Multilingual Immigrant Youth, Martha Bigelow, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction - Slideshow [PDF]
  • Data-Based Instruction for Beginning Writers: Assessment, Intervention, and DecisionMaking Tools, Kristen McMaster, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology - Slideshow [PDF]
  • Improving K-6 Literacy Outcomes with PRESS, Kathy Patton, PRESS Literacy Coordinator - Slideshow [PDF]

LiRN April 2016 Presentation

  • Sparkle in Your Classoom - Presentation by John T. Guthrie, Jean Mullan Professor of Literacy Emeritus, University of Maryland College Park

LiRN February 2016 Presentations: Pathways to Meaningful Discourse


Leadership Tools for Planning Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in K-5 Literacy

Katherine Patton's presentation on Februray 4, 2016 at the Minnesota Elementary School Principals' Association conference. Leadership Tools for Planning Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in K-5 Literacy (pdf)


Summer Literacy Workshop 2015

  • Empirical Support for a Tutoring Program to Support Literacy
    David Parker, Research Director, SERVE Minnesota - Slideshow [PDF]
  • Data-Based Instruction for Beginning Writers 
    Pyung-Gang Jung, Dana Brandes, Mike Herriges, Jaehyun Shin, and Kyle Wagner - Slideshow [PDF]
  • Classwide Interventions: How 10 Days Can Significantly Reduce the Number of Students in Tier 2 
    Annie Ittner, PRESS Research Assistant and Kathy Patton, PRESS Literacy Coordinator - Slideshow [PDF]


LiRN October 21 presentation - LITERACY re:imagined

Click here for Angela Maiers' presentation from LiRN on October 21: LITERACY re:imagined. Click here for John Slagle's presentation. Here are other links of interest:


Nonie Lesaux's Presentation: Making Assessment Matter

On September 25 Nonie K. Lesaux, Ph.D. gave a presentation, "Making Assessment Matter: From Summer Reading to Today's Conversation." Click here for her morning presentation (PDF), and here for the afternoon presentation (PDF).


Classwide Interventions: How 10 Days Can Significantly Reduce the Number of Students in Tier 2

Lori Helman and Kathy Patton presentation at the 2015 International Literacy Association Conference, St. Louis, MO. Presentation available here (PDF).


Educating Somali children, in the era of Captain Phillips

MCRR Visiting Scholar Sirad Shirdon presented at the April 15 Diversity Dialogue. Her presentation is available here (PDF).


Leaders in Reading Network (LiRN) 2014-2015

Fostering Literate Thinking: Demystifying Text Complexity, presented by Cory Stai at the Leaders in Reading Network (LiRN) meeting, February 19, 2015. Download PDF.


Dr. Alfred Tatum's presentation from CEHD Policy Breakfast

On January 20, 2015, Dr. Alfred Tatum, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, delivered the keynote address at the January 2015 CEHD Policy BreakfastFraming Responsive Literacy Instruction in the National Policy Context. Dr. Tatum's presentation focused on advancing the reading, writing, and intellectual development of African American boys in ways that move beyond some of the limitations of policy authorizations. See Dr. Tatum's presentation here (PDF). See video clips from the Policy Breakfast here.