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Youth dually-involved with child welfare and juvenile justice systems


In collaboration with Casey Family Foundation, the Juvenile Justice Coalition of Minnesota, and interdisciplinary teams from around the state, we are helping to evaluate the “Cross Over Youth Practice Model” (CYPM) developed by Georgetown University and being implemented in 5 Minnesota counties.


The aim is to examine characteristics and perspectives of MN youth who cross over from the child welfare (CWS) to the juvenile justice system (JJS), their caregivers and services providers.  This information would be used to enhance the adaptation and implementation of the CYPM.

Project summary

We will employ a mixed method design integrating analysis of administrative data with in-depth interviews with a subset of crossover youth, their caregivers and other knowledgeable adults. Involvement in the CWS can place vulnerable children at additional risk for mental health, educational and vocational problems. Involvement in the JJS can further compound youths’ risks for poor developmental outcomes through exposure to delinquent peers and stigmatization.  Given multiple risk factors, it is not surprising that an estimated 61%-83% of crossover youth have mental health or substance use problems.  Yet research on crossover youth is in its infancy. 

We consider

What are the characteristics of MN youth who cross over? What are the perspectives of adult insiders who work with MN cross over youth?  What are the experiences and perspectives of cross over youth?