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Social Work Ph.D. Dissertation Titles 2010-2016

How do Contextual Factors and Family Support Influence Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse During Forensic Interviews and Service Outcomes in Child Protection Cases?

Making Sense of Poverty in Child Welfare: A Grounded Theory Informed Study of Public and Tribal Child Welfare Workers' Poverty Constructions, Perceptions of Causes, and Praxis

Neighborhood Social Capital and the Health and Health Risk Behavior of Adolescent Immigrants and Non-Immigrants

Discharge Planning with Older Adults in Minnesota Hospitals

A Qualitative Study Exploring Early Childhood Interventionists' Experiences of Ongoing Participation in a Reflective Consultation Program

Differential Item Functioning and Measurement Invariance of Self- and Proxy-Reports: An Evaluation of Objective Quality of Life Measures for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Latino Students' Expectations of School Success: Do School Supports Matter?

Disconnected Marriage, Connected Internet: Exploring the Relationship between Problematic Internet Use, Acculturative Stress, and Marital Intimacy among Korean Married Couples in the United States

Exploring the Relationships Between Supports and Depression Among Elderly Caregivers Raising Children Orphaned by AIDS in Rural Namibia

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Children in Treatment Foster Care and Their Foster Caregivers

Adoptive Parent Perspectives on Placing an Intercountry Adopted Child with Disabilities in Out of Home Care

Examining the Relationship: Fathers' Parenting Support and Parenting Stress on Family Violence

Methamphetamine-involved parenting and the risk of child maltreatment: Family experiences and the child welfare response

Systemic Change in a Community-Based HIV/AIDS Organization: A Case Study Examining the Response to Affordable Care Act Reforms

Mother America: Cold War Maternalism and the Institutionalization of Intercountry Adoption from Postwar South Korea, 1953-1961

"Teeter-Tottering Between Hope and Despair": Fathers' Resilience in the Face of Advanced Cancer

The Resettlement of the Karen in Minnesota

An Exploration of Alcohol Use in Karen Refugee Communities in the Context of Conflict-Related Displacement

Experiencing Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Misuse Disorders: The Voices of Rural Older Adults

Financial Self-Efficacy Scale: Development and Validation of a Measurement Tool

Predicting Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcomes for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Frontline Youth Work with Street Children and Youth in Nepal: Edge Work, Boundary Work, Hard Work

The Lived Experience of Self-Compassion in Social Workers

From Investigating to Engaging Families: Examining the Impact and Implementation of Family Assessment Response on Racial Equity in Child Welfare

Effects of Child Exposure to Domestic Violence on the Child-Parent Relationship Based on the Child's Ambivalence toward the Parents

Cervical Cancer Screening Behavior of Hmong Women: A Social Network Analysis

Can I Get A Witness? African American Mothers, Parenting Networks, and Attachment

Wellness in the Midst of Disease: A Narrative Analysis of Growing Up with Rheumatic Conditions