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Professor Helen Kivnick

In new book, The Big Move: Life Between the Turning Points, she writes about making a life in assisted living

Being required to live in an assisted living facility and learning how to really live there is the topic of Professor Helen Kivnick’s new book, The Big Move: Life Between the Turning Points.

The book was co-written with Anne M. Wyatt-Brown, emeritus associate professor in linguistics, University of Florida, and Ruth Ray Karpen, professor emeritus, Wayne State University in Detroit.

In the book Kivnick and Karpen, distinguished gerontologists, reflect on Wyatt-Brown’s moving account of her transition from skeptical outsider to active member of a vibrant and sociable community. By undoing the stigmas of aging, and valuing the psychological factors involved in accepting assistance, the book offers a bold new framework for thinking about aging, continuing care, making the big move to a retirement community, and living with vitality in the new environment. 

“The Big Move is a fascinating attempt to marry personal experience with academic analysis to help us all reconceive of one option for later-life living,” writes Ruth Nemzoff in Huffington Post.

Harry (Rick) Moody, editor of the Human Values in Aging newsletter, and recently retired AARP director of education, says, "The book has special significance because, to my knowledge, there has never been a memoir of a gerontologist who moved into a long-term care facility. There have been a number of important, and valuable books, that deal in narrative ways with long-term care (some included in the "Further Reading" section of your book, an excellent contribution in itself). But your story is in a class by itself.”

Helen Kivnick
The Big Move