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Diversity Social Work Advancement Program (DSWAP)

  • Provides financial for graduate social work students who are interested in becoming licensed clinical social workers.
  • Provides ongoing professional support, post-graduation, including supervision for clinical licensure, professional coaching, and preparation for taking the Minnesota social work license exam.
  • Graduate social work students from immigrant, refugee and minority communities who are committed to providing mental health services within similar communities, are particularly encouraged to apply for this funding.
  • This is a one-time award of $3,500 from the State of Minnesota, matched by an equal amount from the School of Social Work, for students who are doing a concentration field placement.


  • Full-program students (53 credits) who have completed the foundation curriculum, including SW 8010 – Foundation Field Placement, are eligible to receive this award.
  • Students with advanced standing, including those students who are newly admitted to the M.S.W. program, are eligible for this fellowship.
  • Note: Full-program students who are entering in the fall of 2017 are not eligible to reviewing this award until they have completed the foundation curriculum, generally by the end of their first year of study.

Special requirements of the award:

  • Students must choose the Clinical Mental Health concentration
  • Students must take at least six credits of free electives, including electives on trauma, supervision, and working with immigrant populations. This makes the program 54 credits in length for full-program students, and 35 credits in length for students with advanced standing.
  • Recipients must participate in intergroup dialog with DSWAP awardees from other M.S.W. programs.
  • Recipients must complete their concentration field placement in clinical mental health at an agency that meets the funding requirements.


  • To apply for DSWAP, complete the application, which will be available in March.
  • Also complete the 2018-2019 Social Work Student Financial Aid Form, which will be available in March.
  • Students apply for this award at the time they begin applying for their concentration field placement, rather than at the time of admission.