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Research at the School of Social Work

2015 Research Report [PDF 1.5MB]

Opening Statement

Download the full 2015 Research Report, or choose one of the articles below.

The Well-being of Ghanaian (Akan) Women and Children

Finding a Place to Call Home: Understanding Housing Instability in Refugee Populations

Building Health Literacy Research in Korea

HIV, Gender, and Social Development in Kenya: Evaluating the Impact of a Structural Intervention for HIV-Positive Women in Poverty

Development of a Scholarly Exchange Program Between the University of Namibia and the University of Minnesota

International Perspectives on Disability

Beyond Stigma Promoting Mental Health in Refugee Populations

Social Justice, Social Development, and the Capabilities Approach

White People Working for Racial Justice and New Perspective on GLBT Elder Care

Youth Civic Engaement Worldwide: Perspectives from Around the Globe

Ph.D. Student Reports

Aging Experiences of Bhutanese Elders in Minnesota

Minneapolis Somali Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Project

Understanding the 'Walk-in' Phenomenon Helps Karen Refugees

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