STEM Education Center

2013 ASTE Publications

Workshop: Integrating Engineering into Science Methods Courses

A Framework for Implementing Engineering Standards in K-12

Written By: Tamara J. Moore, Kristina M Tank, Aran W. Glancy, Jennifer A. Kersten, & Micah S. Stohlmann

In-service Teachers’ Attitudes, Beliefs, Knowledge and Classroom Practices of Global Climate Change

Written By: Shiyu Liu, Gillian Roehrig, Devarati Bhattacharya, & Keisha Varma

Formative Assessment and Student Motivation

Written By: Rachelle A Haroldson

Enhancing Student Awareness and Activism in Solving Environmental Problems through Constructionist & Social Constructivist Learning Processes

Written By: Gillian Roehrig and Engin Karahan

The Teacher Induction Network: Providing Continued Induction Support to Teachers During their First Years of Teaching

Written By: Gillian Roehrig

The Effect of Teacher Curriculum Implementation Startegies on Student Learning After a Neuroscience Professional Development Workshop: A Mixed Methods Study

Written By: B.L. Billington, M.H. Hoelscher, R.A. Haroldson,G.H. Roehrig, & J.M. Dubinsky

Integration of engineering education by high school teachers to meet standards in the physics classroom

Written By: Jennifer A. Kersten, Gillian Roehrig, Tamara Moore, & Karl Smith

Eliciting Conceptions and Knowledge of Upper Elementary American Indian Students About Watersheds and their Management in a Place-based Learning Module

Written By: Devarati Bhattacharya, Engin Karahan, Sedef Canbazoglu Bilici & Gillian H. Roehrig