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Moosung Lee2013 Rising Alumni

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During his doctoral program, Moosung Lee focused on achievement gaps, social capital, and lifelong learning. His dissertation reflected this interest by examining the educational experiences and outcomes of immigrant adolescents in the U.S. with the focus of social capital. Since moving to Hong Kong, he has shifted into new research areas such as international schooling and comparative educational administration.


Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong

What professors were most influential during your time in CEHD?

I especially was influenced by my wonderful advisor Karen Seashore, whose knowledge and wisdom were a vast resource for my dissertation research in particular and intellectual growth in general. She was not only a resourceful advisor for my dissertation research, but also an example of a model scholar for me. I am also indebted to my co-advisor Gerald Fry. His academic insights, continuous support, and immeasurable patience always stimulated me to study harder.

Na’im Madyun was the first person who recognized my academic potential at the University, and gave me amazing opportunities, which accelerated my early academic career. My academic foundation was also built by taking Stuart Yeh's research design/method and program evaluation courses. He is the best teacher in research design I've ever met. Finally, Peter Demerath’s course in qualitative study really widened my perspective of research methodology. I greatly appreciate his wonderful teaching.

What is a fun fact about you?

My "happy hour" is around 9:00 a.m. almost every morning, when I enjoy a cup of coffee in my office and try to write anything creative. I started this favorite routine during my doctoral studies at CEHD and it will be my lifelong habit. As a researcher and father of three kids, I am always very happy to share my thoughts about education (and also some coffee)!