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Choosing a Major and Career

Know Yourself

Identify your interests, skills, strengths, values, and personality style. Take a career assessment and meet with a career counselor.


Explore Majors

  • Look at the U of M Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Discover careers for CEHD majors.
  • Chat with upper division students to learn about their experiences in the major.
  • Speak with an adviser or faculty member and explore department websites.
  • Take an introductory course in the major.
  • Use Graduation Planner to determine requirements and coursework for U of M majors.

Research Careers

Research careers online and by connecting with professionals.

Try On Careers

Testing the waters and learning about careers through experience is an essential part of major and career decision making. Get involved by joining a student organization, getting a part-time job, volunteering, interning, or studying abroad.


Career Development Cycle [PDF]


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