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Jane Fields

Research Associate

CAREI1954 Buford Ave, Ste 425
Ph.D., 2000, Department of Educational Policy and Administration, Evaluation Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Thesis: Back to the Basics: An Investigation of School- and District-Level Responses for Students Who Do Not Initially Meet Minnesota’s Basic Standards for High School Graduation

M.A., 1997, Psychology Department, Psychometrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Thesis: A Literature Review of Computerized Test Construction of Conventional Fixed-Length Tests

B.A., 1989, Psychology, Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin

I have worked as a Research Associate at the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) since spring 2015, although I was also a postdoctoral fellow at CAREI in 2000-2001. Prior to joining CAREI again, I conducted internal evaluations and was responsible for principal, teacher, and student surveys in the Research, Evaluation, and Assessment Department at the Minneapolis Public Schools for 8 years. I have also worked as a Research Associate and founding director of The Evaluation Group at the Institute on Community Integration and as an external evaluation consultant.

My research interests include the design and implementation of evaluations to inform policy and programmatic development at the local, state, or federal levels. I recently completed a needs assessment of school district needs in the areas of research, evaluation, data, and assessment. My current projects include evaluating various STEM initiatives and programs designed for non-formal learning environments (e.g., 4-H after-school programs and wilderness programs), as well as conducting an evaluation of a principal leadership development program.

Selected Publications

  1. Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI). (February, 2016). Minnesota Needs Assessment: Research, Evaluation, Assessment, and Data Use in Schools. Minneapolis: CAREI at the University of Minnesota.

  2. Fields, J. (2006). Evaluation of the Robbinsdale Area Schools Intradistrict Desegration / Racial Balance Initiatives and Intradistrict Integration Initiatives. Presentation to the Robbinsdale Area Schools Desegregation Council: Robbinsdale, MN.
  3. Fields, J., Harty, C., & Desjardins, C. (2016, April). An evaluation of the cultural contextualization of the Incredible Years parenting program for African American and Hmong cultural groups. Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota.
  4. Fields, J., & Heistad, D. (2009, December 7). MPS North Side Initiative Evaluation – Internal Evaluation Findings. Findings presented to the Minneapolis School Board. Minneapolis, MN: Research, Evaluation and Assessment Department.
  5. Fields, J., & McEathron, M. (2006, June). Assessing training needs for assistive technology: Findings from the 2003 and 2005 administrations of the Assistive Technology Survey. (Report to the Minnesota Department of Education). Minneapolis, MN: Institute on Community Integration.
  6. Johnson, D. R., McEathron, M., Fields, J., & Hill, K. (2007, July). A qualitative study of the experiences of transition-age youth with disabilities in relation to SSI redetermination (Policy Research Brief). Minneapolis: Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota.
  7. Schleisman, J. L., Peterson, K. A., & Davison, M. L. (2000, June). Back to the basics: An investigation of school- and district-level remediation efforts associated with Minnesota’s basic standards for high school graduation Minneapolis, MN: Office of Educational Accountability.
  8. Sheldon, T., Fields, J., & Kundin, D. (February, 2016). Shaping Student Mindsets: Promoting Academic Attitudes, Persistence and Performance. Poster presentation at the Winter Learning and the Brain Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  9. Storm, K., Fields, J., & Haynes, M. (October, 2015). Is your Check and Connect program making a difference? Session presented at the Check & Connect National Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  10. Weiss, D. J., & Schleisman, J. L. (1999). Adaptive testing. In G. N. Masters & J. P. Keeves (Eds.), Advances in measurement in educational research and assessment. New York:  Pergamon.
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