Program Evaluation

CAREI has a 25 year history collaborating with policymakers, organizational leaders, program staff, and community partners. We assist to design and implement high quality evaluations to help improve the quality of education for all learners. We offer a wide range of customized evaluation services that guide informed decisions about the effectiveness of policies, programs, and services. Our experts are trained and experienced in a variety of methodologies that are used to address formative and summative questions.

Customized Evaluations

Collaboration with clients throughout projects

Proven practice with methodologically and ethically sound evaluation approaches

Delivery of products and reports to inform decision making

Formative Evaluation

Expert monitoring for the development, refinement, and implementation of policies, programs, and services

Feedback processes that help professionals make timely, data-based decisions about improvements needed to further develop services and delivery

Summative Evaluation

Assessment of the extent to which objectives, goals, and outcomes are met at the end of a cycle

Determine the effectiveness of policies, programs, or services

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