CAREI Research Services Request

This form is to be completed by faculty, staff, or students at the University of Minnesota who are requesting research and assessment services.


The Institute of Education Sciences has released its FY2018 requests for proposals. Full proposals for NCER, NCSER, and training grant programs are due Thursday, August 17. See a full listing of programs and deadlines.

One of CAREI’s primary goals is to support research, assessment, and analytics in CEHD. To that end, CAREI is again offering no-cost proposal services to CEHD faculty and staff submitting a proposal to IES for FY2018. CAREI can offer up to 10 hours of no-cost services per proposal. To ensure the highest quality services, CAREI can support up to two proposals per week, between June 22 (when letters of intent are due) and August 17 (when proposals are due). As such, we are asking that faculty and staff book these “slots” in advance by completing the form below as soon as possible. While CAREI will make an effort to support late or last minute requests, we cannot guarantee proposal services during this busy time without advance notification.

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