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Examining the Impact of Later High School Start Times on the Health and Academic Performance of High School Students: A Multi-Site Study (Final Report, February 2014)

The following presentations provide a comprehensive view of research on teen sleep and its associated key issues. As listed here, the presentations begin with basic biological background and move towards policy implications. These presentations were recorded at the national Teens and Sleep Conference sponsored by CAREI in October 2013.

Sleep & Biology of the Human Brain - Conrad Iber, M.D.

Dr. Iber provides the basic underpinning information about what happens in the human brain during sleep.

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Biology of Adolescent Sleep - Mary Carskadon, Ph.D.

Dr. Carskadon explains why the human brain of teenagers has unique developmental characteristics for which sleep is an essential ingredient to become a healthy adult.

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Sleep and Memory - Jessica Payne, Ph.D.

Dr. Payne describes how sleep has a major role in what, how and why humans remember factual and emotional information.

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Adolescent Depression & Sleep - Allison Harvey, Ph.D.

Dr. Harvey describes how sleep acts as a regulator of human emotions and depressive feelings and how lack of sleep is linked to suicide and other life-threatening outcomes.

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Sleep, Caffeine Use & Social Media - Amy Wolfson, Ph.D.

Dr. Wolfson explains how caffeine, technology use, and light emitted from devices can interfere with sleep patterns.

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Adolescent Obesity, Health & Sleep - Dean Beebe, Ph.D.

Dr. Beebe describes how sleep links with teens' health and other risky behavior choices.

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School Start Times - Kyla Wahlstrom, Ph.D.

Dr. Wahlstrom details the research findings on school performance and teen's health behavior outcomes when high schools have shifted to later start times.

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Implementing Later Start Times: Getting It Done - Kenneth Dragseth, Ph.D. and Randall Zipf, Ph.D.

Dr. Dragseth and Dr. Zipf, as former district school superintendents who instituted later high school start times, provide hands-on descriptions of the steps and the reasoning of how, when and why later high school start times were instituted in their respective districts.

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Teens and Car Crashes - Lieutenant Eric Roeske

Lt. Roeske of the MN Highway Patrol describes how teen drivers' inattention and poor choices can lead to crashes and fatal outcomes, with the link to teens' lack of sleep as a likely contributing factor.