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STEEP™ (Steps Toward Effective Enjoyable Parenting™ and Seeing is Believing® (SIB) Trainings

STEEP™ (Steps Toward Effective Enjoyable Parenting)Training

STEEP™ training is for professionals from social work, education, health care and mental health who are interested in learning effective, evidence-based strategies for working with parents and their infants or very young children. Introductory training in STEEP™ (Steps Toward Effective Enjoyable Parenting) is offered as a two-day workshop that includes the Seeing is Believing® (SIB) video strategy, which is a core strategy within the broader STEEP™ program of home visiting and group intervention for parents and babies. Seeing Is Believing® (SIB) also is available as a separate workshop (1- or 2-day options) for organizations that do not wish to have training in other aspects of the broader STEEP™ program. We also offer (and encourage) a 1-day follow-up consultation and video review, usually scheduled one to three months after the initial STEEP™ and/or SIB training so that participants have had an opportunity to begin using the strategies in their work.

Developed in 1986 by Drs. Byron Egeland and Martha Farrell Erickson, STEEP™ reaches out to parents even before their first child is born. STEEP™ works on the premise that a secure attachment between parent and infant establishes ongoing patterns of healthy interaction. A secure parent-child attachment lays the foundation for the child's later competence and well-being. So STEEP™ addresses the various factors research has shown to underlie a secure attachment. Through home visits and group sessions, STEEP™ facilitators work alongside parents to help them understand their child’s development, respond sensitively and predictably to their child’s needs, reflect on their own relationship history and make decisions that ensure a safe and supportive environment for their child and the whole family.

Organizations that wish to implement the full STEEP™ program (home visits & group intervention, beginning prenatally) and use the STEEP™ name (as opposed to just learning STEEP™ strategies to incorporate into their existing program) must have all staff and supervisors receive, at a minimum, the initial two-day STEEP™ training and, one to three months later, a day of follow-up consultation and video review. Depending on the education and experience of staff and supervisors, more extensive initial training and consultation often is required. Any organization implementing the STEEP™ program and using the STEEP™ name also must receive ongoing consultation from an approved STEEP™ trainer, with specific requirements tailored to the needs and strengths of the agency. To learn more about what would be required for your agency, contact Dr. Marti Erickson,

Training Content

  • Making relationship-based practice real, from participant recruitment to program termination;
  • Using videotaping and guided viewing (Seeing Is Believing®) to promote parental understanding, sensitivity, and responsiveness;
  • Planning and leading parent-infant groups;
  • Challenging and supporting parents to reflect on their own relationship history and how it influences their attitudes, feelings and parenting behavior;
  • Using an ecological approach to help parents reduce risk and maximize support for themselves and their children; and
  • Using reflective supervision (or consultation) to sustain the hope and energy of service providers and ensure effective service for families.

Seeing is Believing® Training

Seeing Is Believing® training is automatically included as a component of STEEP™ training.  However, Seeing Is Believing® is also available independently from STEEP™.

Originally developed as part of the STEEP™ program, Seeing is Believing® is a unique practice that helps parents increase their sensitivity and responsiveness to their babies' cues by using a filming strategy. Through filming and guided viewing, Seeing is Believing® promotes perspective-taking by giving parents a chance to see, from the camera’s point of view, what happens between them and their baby. We have found video technology to be a remarkable tool in helping moms and dads gain new insight into their baby’s feelings and behavior.

The primary goal of using filming is to promote the parents’ self-observation and reinforce their growing knowledge of and sensitivity to their babies. Using the video as a self-observation tool, we present parents with a way of seeing themselves and their babies from a new vantage point. We urge parents to see their own strengths and those of their babies, and encourage them to consider their infant’s perspective as they interact with their babies. The parent keeps the video as a documented memory of the baby’s development.


Trainings are conducted by one of our qualified CEED Affiliated Faculty and Consultants.

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