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Lauren MartinLauren Martin

Director of Research, UROC; Affiliated Faculty at CEED@UROC
Phone: 612-624-0435 | Email:  

Lauren Martin is Director of Research at the Urban Research Outreach/Engagement Center (UROC). UROC is a University of Minnesota building located in north Minneapolis. The purpose of UROC is to build stronger urban communities in partnership with North Minneapolis.

Lauren is an anthropologist by training and has been conducting community-engaged and participatory action research since 2006. Her primary research interests are families in poverty and early childhood education, sex trading and sex trafficking in community context, and community-engaged research methodologies. In addition to her work at CEED and UROC, Lauren is also a Children, Youth and Families Consortium Scholar and Adjunct Faculty at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Through CEED, Lauren Martin is the PI on Family Academy: Researchers and Practitioners Improving Outcomes for 0-3 year olds, a three-year grant from the Brady Education Foundation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The project is a three-year community-based participatory evaluation and validation study of the Family Academy, the early childhood parent education offered through the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). The Family Academy research team includes Tracy Bradfield and Alisha Wackerle-Hollman (co-Investigators on the project).


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