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Teacher in front of classroom of adorable elementary kids

Peacemaking—one playground
at a time

During a recent incident at Highlands Elementary School in Edina, MN, students were able to resolve a conflict peacefully because they had prior experience in working with small groups. This success story and thousands like it were brought about by the concept of cooperative learning, a subject matter studied by both David and Roger Johnson for nearly 50 years. The Johnson brothers’ research efforts have added to the theory of social interdependence, and generated practices that teachers and administrators can use to improve peer group interactions/learning outcomes. Read more

A. Mason Writes in the Star Tribune About Student Trauma

In the courses I teach for pre-service teachers, one of the most illuminating assignments is the “Dilemma Case” paper. Students describe a concerning event from their student-teaching experience, and they try out a series of alternative endings to the story before analyzing how the situation unfolded in real life. Read more

TPT, NGCP and Scharber Receive NSF Award

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $1.2 million grant to Twin Cities PBS’s (TPT) National Productions Department for a two-year media, educational outreach and research project, SciGirls Code. SciGirls Code, a collaborative work involving TPT, the National Girls Collaborative (NGCP) and the LT Media Lab, will use principles of connected learning along with 16 STEM outreach partners to provide 160 girls and their 32 leaders with computational thinking and coding skills. A Co-PI, Dr. Cassandra Scharber, will be directing the research efforts for this initiative. Read more