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Message from the Chair: Reaffirming Our Values

Dear C&I Community,

One of our shared responsibilities as a community is to work against bigotry in all of its many forms, including racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. Our collective project is to create and sustain learning environments where all students, faculty, staff and others feel that they belong and that they can learn and thrive.

This weekend's executive order imposing restrictions on travel to the United States for individuals from seven majority-Muslim countries has provoked fear, confusion, and anxiety. These restrictions, according to the ACLU and other legal organizations, are unconstitutional, ineffective, and discriminatory. We in C&I remain committed to our deepest ideals and values, including the recognition that when we are able to draw on the rich contributions of students, staff, and faculty from around the globe, we are a stronger, smarter, and more thoughtful community.

In light of the executive order specifically targeting nations that are majority-Muslim and the murder of Muslim worshipers that has followed the order, I am writing to reaffirm our C&I resolution in support of Muslim students, faculty, and staff. This resolution, approved in December 2015, is more pertinent than ever. We need to take care of each other in these times of struggle. Please reach out to your Muslim and international classmates, colleagues, and friends and let them know that you stand with them.

Resolution in Support of Muslim Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Whereas: Some national political leaders have recently made false and inflammatory claims about Muslim people in the United States and worldwide and,

Whereas: Such statements represent intolerance and fear mongering, spread fear and sadness within our communities, and incite hate and violence toward peaceful, valued members of our campus and community, Therefore, members of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction stand resolved that: statements of prejudice and hate against Muslim people should be condemned and vocally opposed, and moreover, we express our deep support for the Muslim members of our campus, community and world.

I will be in touch soon with more resources and information. In the meantime, please reach out to me or any C&I faculty or staff if you need help or are feeling afraid, anxious, or just want to talk. We are here for you and we care about you. More resources will be posted on our Facebook page.

Sincerely, Cynthia Lewis

Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction