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Initial licensure
Science Education

Earn a license to teach high-school chemistry, earth + space science, life science, and/or physics. We highly recommend that you also complete a general science license to teach in grades 5-8.

Our license is highly transferable to other states and our candidates are highly sought-after by local school districts.

This is a post-baccalaureate, full-time, 12 month program. Current undergraduate students: see our DirecTrack pre-teaching program.

Priority deadline to apply: December 15

If you already have earned your initial teaching license, we offer an additional teaching license in science education.

Happy teacher

Our vision
Every kid deserves a favorite teacher

Favorite teachers are dynamic. Book-smart. Kid-smart. A true master of changing lives--the best educators know how to do what it takes.

Favorite teachers care about their students. "Humanity is our most powerful tool as a teacher." Who could say it better than our alum, and 2014 MN Teacher of the Year,"Mr. Rad".

Favorite teachers want to change the world. How would the world be different if every kid had a favorite teacher? If your life is different because a teacher believed in you, then pay it forward. Didn't have a favorite teacher? Then become what you didn't have yourself. There's a kid out there who needs you.

Ready to become a favorite teacher? Join our community of teacher candidates.

It takes a village

Our program is designed to foster a community of support. You will join a cohort of candidates who want to become science teachers.

You'll study together, learn from your field experiences together, support and be supported by a group of people with the same ambition as you: to become an amazing teacher.

Be mentored
Learn from master teachers

With opportunity to co-teach with a master teacher, you'll merge the theory of your coursework with the realities of the classroom.

Collaborating with and learning from experienced, inspired teachers, start your career with confidence.

Benefit from a graduate degree
License + M.Ed.

Complete your licensure coursework in 12 months of full-time study.

Complete your M.Ed. by taking additional credits after you start working. A graduate degree will earn you a pay increase and the additional course(s) will sharpen your skills and hone your confidence as an educator.

Begin with confidence

We designed our program to prepare you to be an exceptional educator. Our curriculum offers cutting-edge theory and significant practice in the field. Take a look at the courses you will take with us.

Be in-demand

The 2013-14 cohort had 93.8% first year job placement. Our graduates find teaching positions locally, nationally, and internationally.

Return on your investment

Earn, on average, $6,000/year more than a teacher with a bachelor's degree.

Program costs + Financial aid

$660.17 / credit for residents; $1,021.17 / credit for nonresidents. Find more cost information. Apply for financial aid.

We also awarded over $600,000 in grants and scholarships to teacher candidates last year. There are several CEHD scholarships available for new M.Ed. students who are prospective teachers and only one application you need to fill out for all potential scholarships through the college. The application period opens in October and closes January 15. Apply for a scholarship.

If you intend to teach a high-need subject in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves low-income families, you may be eligible to receive grants of up to $4,000/year. TEACH grant information.

Loan forgiveness

If you teach full-time for five complete and consecutive years in schools that serve low-income families, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness of up to $17,500 through a program administered by the federal government.

Learn more about teacher loan forgiveness

Become a favorite teacher:

A bachelor's degree and 2.80 GPA is required.

Favorite science teachers are masters of their subject, with significant completed coursework in one or more of the following areas:
Chemistry | Earth + space science | Life science
Physics | General science

Get Ready to Apply

Academic adviser
Drew Hatton