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Dual Language and Immersion Education

Online Certificate Program

In dual language/immersion programs (DLI), the second/foreign/heritage/indigenous language (L2) that students are acquiring is a vehicle to teach school subjects.

Note: This program does not lead to state teaching certification or licensure. The program gives educators an opportunity to complete a coordinated series of courses in the area of dual language and immersion education.

This certificate program is designed for preK-12 teachers and other professionals to work effectively in the following school-based DLI models (click to find description and examples):

"One-way" foreign language immersion programs

These programs are designed for native English-speaking students.

  • Mandarin Chinese immersion in the U.S.
  • English immersion in Japan (designed for native Japanese-speaking students)

"Two-way" bilingual immersion programs

These programs are designed for a combined student audience of language-majority students and language-minority students.

  • Spanish/English two-way immersion in the U.S.

"One-way" developmental bilingual programs

These programs are designed for language-minority learners.

  • Spanish/English developmental bilingual education in the U.S.

Indigenous language immersion programs (one-way or two-way)

These programs are designed for language-majority students in indigenous communities with the goal of revitalizing an endangered language and culture.

  • "One-way" Hawaiian immersion in Hawaii
  • "Two-way" Navajo (Diné) immersion in Arizona

The program was designed jointly by the College’s second languages and cultures (SLC) education faculty and representatives of DLI programs in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The certificate may be completed independently or in conjunction with a master of education (M.Ed.), master of arts (M.A.), or doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) program in the area of second languages and cultures education.

Reduced rate through 2015

Due to a partnership with the Utah State Office of Education, we can offer the program for a fee in lieu of tuition (FILOT). FILOT for 2013-14 is $350 per credit (not including course texts). If College tuition increases, FILOT will increase moderately for 2014-15.


The university certificate in Dual Language and Immersion Education is designed to meet the interests of DLI teachers and potential teachers as well as to meet a range of professional development needs. A variety of elective courses can be used to meet certificate requirements. Elective courses must align with the goals of the program and be pre-approved by a faculty adviser. Educators can complete the program with 2 - 4 years of part-time study and have up to seven years to complete it. Core courses are offered online during the academic year. Elective courses may be taken online or face-to-face (F2F) on the Twin Cities campus or other locations. Students complete at least 15 credits of the following coursework:

Core courses (9 credits)

Elective courses

Elective credits require faculty adviser approval. Recommended electives include:

Transfer credits

With faculty adviser approval, up to three transfer credits from another institution may be applied to this certificate program.

Program Completion

Approximately one semester prior to finishing program requirements, students complete and submit the certificate program form and the CEHD Application for M.Ed. Degree and/or Certificate to their adviser. Students will receive a paper certificate, and documentation of certificate completion will appear on the academic transcript.


Tara Fortune
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
612-626-8826, email:

Diane J. Tedick — Coordinator
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
612-625-1081, email:


Michelle McElroy
Phone: 612-626-5757
Fax: 612-624-8277
152 Peik Hall

Reduced Rate through 2015

Due to a partnership with the Utah State Office of Education, we are currently able to offer reduced tuition for selected courses in the program.

Admission information

Admission criteria and instructions on how to apply.

Registering for a class before admission

If you are interested in taking a class in our department before enrolling in a program, please follow these steps.


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