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Daryl Boeckers

Teaching Specialist, Learning Technologies Initial Licensure Teacher Ed Coordinator

Curriculum and Instruction .
Room R460 LES
1954 Buford Ave

Tel: 612/625-7931

Office hours:
210 Learning and Environmental Sciences
1954 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
Office hours: by appointment
Curriculum Vita

Areas of Interest

Second language pedagogy, technology integration, mobile learning, hybrid and online learning environments, curricular access for students with special needs

Research Interests

Daryl Boeckers brings almost 15 years of experience of teaching secondary Spanish in public schools. A passion for technology integration paired with a desire to grow and keep current with second language pedagogy led Daryl to explore how Web 2.0 tools afforded communicative opportunities in his second language classroom for his Master’s thesis. Daryl currently pursues his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction: Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota and will soon propose a dissertation that examines technology integration in a variety of second language learning contexts. Audiences for Daryl’s writing include teacher candidates and in-service teachers of second languages and cultures. He has published workshop handbooks for the Bureau of Education and Research as a national presenter and educational consultant and also conferences proceedings for the Society for Informational Technology and Technology Education discussing the role of technology in the second language classroom. Boeckers recently received the Emma Birkmaier Outstanding Language Educator Award in October at the Fall Conference for the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures for his contributions to the field of second languages and cultures.

Classes Taught
CI 2312 Sex, Drug and the Internet: Educational Perspectives
CI 4312 Sex, Drug and the Internet: Educational Perspectives
EDHD 5007 Technology for Teaching and Learning
SPAN 1003 Intermediate Spanish