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Kris Cory

BA, English/Women Studies, University of Minnesota
MFA, Creative Nonfiction, Columbia University

Curriculum and Instruction .
Room 270A PeikH

159 PIllsbury Dr SE
Tel: 612/625-2942

Office hours:
Fall 2015: Monday and Wednesday 12:30 - 2

Areas of Interest

Literature, Writing, First-Year Students

What motivates me in my work?

I am interested in the ways that literature can illuminate parts of the world, perspectives and experiences that we otherwise might not come in contact with, but also how literature can take us deeper into understanding our own experiences, choices and identity. My background in writing informs my thinking about reading and teaching literature, exploring the ways readers and writers interact with texts, and through this interaction make meaning.  What is communicated depends on what a writer does, but also on what a reader does. How do we as readers and critical thinkers shape the meaning of a text?


What can students expect from me?

Each time I teach a course, I discover new things about my students, myself and the content of the course. The classroom is a dynamic space where I see my role as providing frameworks for new ways of thinking. Within these frameworks, I invite students to practice, practice, practice. When I design a course, I am thinking about the kinds of activities and assignments that will support the practice of new skills and invite critical and creative thinking. Doing something new can be exciting and it can also be scary. I encourage students to approach this work with a mix of discipline, rigor, flexibility and vulnerability -- and a sense of humor. My goal is to encourage students to delve into this learning process and provide the support, feedback and direction to facilitate student learning and development.


As Director of the First Year Experience program, I am committed to continuing to helping students from all backgrounds and experiences find a sense of direction and community when they enter our college. This means developing foundational skills, finding pathways to majors that fit student strengths, and tapping into the excitement of intellectual inquiry. Through innovative design and the integration of academic and social engagement opportunities, my goal is create a productive, challenging and rewarding First Year Experience that supports excellence in students and faculty.



PsTl 1525W First Year Inquiry: Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People

PsTL 1368: Stories of Social Change

PsTL 3324W: Writing in the Workplace


Selected Presentations

  1. Community, College, Classroom:  Creating a Vibrant and Sustainable Common Book Program, February 2013, Orlando, FL, 32nd Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience

    Writing the Dissonance:  Using Collaborative Texts to Enhance Service Learning, March 2007, New York, NY, College Composition and Communication Conference.

    Philosophy Camp Fellow, 2007, University of Minnesota, Windom, MN, Visiting fellow in experiential, residential immersion course in rural Minnesota:  PHIL 4326:  Lives Worth Living:  Questions of Self, Vocation and Community.

    Creative Engagement, 2005, NADE Conference Panel Presentation on Basic Writing Instruction

    Bush Grant for Innovative Teaching and Technology Presentation, Spring 2003