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Kris Cory

Senior Lecturer
BA, English/Women Studies, University of Minnesota
MFA, Creative Nonfiction, Columbia University

Curriculum and Instruction .
Room 270A PeikH

159 PIllsbury Dr SE
Tel: 612-625-2942

Office hours:
Spring 2018: Wednesday 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Areas of Interest

Literature, Writing, First-Year Students

What motivates me in my work?

II am energized by collaborative spaces in the workplace and in the classroom that facilitate critical and reflective work in the areas of teaching and learning.  These spaces are often supported by building of connections across difference.  As an instructor at the University for over 15 years, I am committed to exploring practices that support the capacity of students and instructors to do meaningful and energizing work.  I value the ways that narratives and literature can illuminate parts of the world, perspectives and experiences that we otherwise might not come in contact with, and how literature can also take us into deeper understanding of our own experiences, choices and identities. My background in writing informs my thinking about reading and teaching literature, exploring the ways readers and writers interact with texts, and through this interaction make meaning.


What can students expect from me?

Each time I teach a course, I discover new things about my students, myself and the content of the course. The classroom is a dynamic space where I see my role as providing frameworks for practicing new modes of thinking. I aim to provide a range of ways that students might engage with and respond to course material.  No single practice or assignment or text will appeal to all students, but I work to support course activities and assignments that facilitate practice of new skills and invite critical and creative thinking. I recognize that entering new territory (for instructors and students) can be exciting and it can also be scary. My goal is to encourage investment in this learning process and to provide the structure, support, feedback and direction that rewards this investment.



EDHD 1525W First Year Inquiry: Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People

CI 1124: Global Stories of Education:  Literature for Young Adults

CI 3241: Writing on Education: Pivotal Experiences of Teaching and Learning


Selected Presentations

  1. Service Learning and Reflection as practices to support the development of intercultural competence in first-year students. Advancing Publicly-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning to Address Society's Grand Challenges. University of Minnesota. Cory, K., Kelly, M. (2018, Mar 1).

    Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People: Exploring the Role of Community Engagement through Service-Learning in a First Year Seminar. Office for Public Engagement Youth & Education Issue Area Network, Minneapolis, MN. Cory, K., Delehanty, M. (2015, Mar.)

    Supporting the Learning in Service-Learning in the First Year. Focusing on the First Year Conference, Minneapolis, MN. Cory, K., Delehanty, M. (2015, Feb.)

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