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Cramer, K., & Wyberg, T. (2007). When getting the right answers is not always enough. In M. Strutchens & W. G. Martin (Eds). The learning of mathematics :2007 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Yearbook (pp. 205 220). Reston, VA: NCTM.


When Getting the Right Answer Is Not Always Enough:
Connecting How Students Order Fractions and Estimate Sums and Differences

Kathleen Cramer and Terry Wyberg


In this chapter we examine the solution strategies among 3 fifth graders as they solved fraction ordering and estimation tasks. In our analysis of the differences among these students we build the case for how students understand matters. The one student show showed conceptual understanding for ordering fractions as opposed to procedural skill was able to provide reasonable estimate for fraction addition and subtraction. The other two students who only had procedural skill for ordering fractions was unable to estimate.