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Conducting and advancing educational research is at the core of our departmental mission. Our faculty are leading researchers in their fields. Their work is at the forefront of leading change in schools, preparing teachers for an evolving student population, and increasing educational success for all learners. As a department encompassing 9 different academic divisions with a distinct focus, three research centers, and 36 research faculty, our research opportunities and expertise are both broad and deep.

Research Centers

As a student, you will have access to the research centers that are housed within the department. We focus on applied research that improves educational methods and learning outcomes for both students and teachers.

  • The Learning Technologies Media Lab is in an innovative design and research center that designs and researches technology-enhanced experiences to transform education.
  • The Minnesota Center for Reading Research conducts applied research that supports teachers, particularly those who teach students of poverty and students from diverse backgrounds. The Center addresses problems and issues in reading that require creative and powerful research efforts such as:
    • PRESS literacy framework that offers resources and professional development to schools and districts across the Midwest to improve literacy achievement in grades K-5.
    • America Reads, a mentoring program that trains college students to help K-8 students become capable readers.
  • The STEM Education Center focuses on four main areas of STEM education.
    • STEM integration, which is the merging of disciplines across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
    • Learning and cognition, how people learn to think scientifically and mathematically
    • Researcher and instructor preparation, which includes the teacher licensing programs in mathematics and science education
    • Evaluation and assessment of STEM education programs

Research Topics

Explore faculty research by area of expertise.

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