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Literacy Education Research

Explore faculty research in literacy education

Research Faculty

Sam David
Assistant Professor Sam David
  • Language and literacy, ESL and bilingual education
  • CLD students in mainstream classrooms
  • Translingual pedagogy
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Teacher learning
  • Educational equity
Deborah Dillon
Professor Deborah Dillon
  • Literacy practices in education
  • Engaged reading
  • Literacy leadership and school reform
  • Qualitative research methodologies
Justin Grinage
Postdoctoral Associate Justin Grinage
  • Race and education
  • Critical literacy
  • Emotion and affect in teaching and learning
  • Postcolonial theory
Lori Helman
Professor Lori Helman
  • Literacy development in the elementary grades
  • Effective instructional practices with multilingual learners
  • Teacher development and leadership
  • Assessment and instruction to support aspiring readers K-6
Timothy Lensmire
Professor Timothy Lensmire
  • Radical democracy
  • Critical pedagogies
  • Whiteness and white racial identities
Cynthia Lewis
Professor Cynthia Lewis
  • Critical literacy in urban high schools
  • Classroom discourse
  • Emotion, identity, and learning
  • Critical media literacy
  • Digital media and learning
  • Adolescent literacy and social identities
  • Critical discourse studies
  • Sociocultural learning theories
  • Classroom ethnography
David O'Brien
Professor David O'Brien
  • Struggling adolescent readers
  • Literacy across curriculum
  • Digital literacies to engage adolescents
  • Bridging traditional print literacies with multimodal literacies and new media
Marek Oziewicz
Professor Marek Oziewicz
  • Children's literature
  • Speculative fiction, especially fantasy
  • Global and multicultural books
  • Literature-based cognitive modeling for moral imagination, global citizenship, environmental awareness, and justice literacy
Cassandra Scharber
Associate Professor Cassandra Scharber
  • Technology integration
  • Computer science and computational thinking
  • Technology-infused learning environments (school, library, community)
  • Digital/new literacies
  • Qualitative research methodologies
Thom Swiss
Professor Thom Swiss
  • Cultural studies and education
  • Critical internet studies
  • Teaching creative writing

Instructional Faculty

Linda Buturian
Senior Teaching Specialist Linda Buturian
  • Narrative-based approaches to teaching Literature
  • Creativity and Interdisciplinary approaches to addressing Social Justice Issues
  • Digital Storytelling for Teaching and Learning
  • Global Citizenship
Kris Cory
Senior Teaching Specialist Kris Cory
  • Literature
  • Writing
  • First-year students
Elizabeth Fogarty
Lecturer Elizabeth Fogarty
  • Literacy education
  • Gifted education
Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr
Lecturer Keitha-Gail Martin-Kerr
  • Literacy development in elementary grades
  • Literacy coaching
  • Mentoring for equity
  • Feminist methodology
  • Phenomenology

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