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Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology Alumni Council

Welcome to the online home for alumni of Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology (CSPP)! We invite you to check out news and information about alumni, upcoming events, and how to join your colleagues in the developing CSPP Alumni Database.

Since its inception in the 1950’s, CSPP has educated generations of individuals who are now scattered across the globe. While there are many informal networks of alums that have stayed connected, many of us have wanted to create a more formal network for connection, referral, information, and collaboration. Our on-line presence is just one way in which we are seeking to accomplish these goals and cultivate the diversity and richness of the community of CSPP alumni. All CSPP alums are invited to participate in upcoming events, join the Council, and/or provide feedback on the activities of the Council.

CSPP Alumni Council – Who are we?

In March 2007, CSPP faculty and administrative staff hosted an alumni lunch for CSPP doctoral alumni in the Twin Cities. On a lovely day in late March, about 40 alumni spanning the decades from the 1970s to the 2000s gathered to reconnect with old classmates, meet other CSPPers and the current faculty of CSPP, and learn about changes in CSPP and the college. A refrain heard throughout the event was this: “Let’s make sure this continues.”
At that lunch, several individuals indicated interest in forming an Alumni Council with the goal of continuing the momentum from the first ever CSPP alumni lunch. In June, 2007 the “CSPP Alumni Council” had its first meeting and began to create a vision for how to establish a strong and vibrant alumni group. A commonly stated goal for being a part of this group was to build connections with the past (alumni) and present (current CSPP students).

The Alumni Council has identified three broad goals:

A new fund to support CSPP!

We are excited to announce a new fund for alumni to contribute directly to CSPP. When the University of Minnesota Foundation calls, you can now designate that your contribution go to CSPP—Fund #3581. These gifts will be used to support the students of CSPP in a variety of ways—to support travel to conferences, research, and scholarships. Your contributions in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Give online.

Members of the alumni council

Bob Barnett, Ph.D., LP (1985)

Korinne Cikanek, Ph.D. (2006)

Matt Hanson, Ph.D., LP (2004)
University of Minnesota, University Counseling and Consulting Services

Sue Hendrickson, Ph.D., LP (2001)
private practice

Christina Huck, Ph.D., LP (1992)
Saint Mary’s University

Len Jennings, Ph.D., LP (1996)
University of St. Thomas

Michelle Koker, Ph.D. (2000)
University of Minnesota

Robin McLeod, Ph.D., LP (1993)
Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury

Dirk Miller, Ph.D., LP (1993)
The Emily Program, director

Salina Renninger, Ph.D., LP (1998)
University of St Thomas, training director, University Counseling and Consulting Services

Janet Schank, Ph.D., LP (1994)
chemical/mental health coordinator for Edina Public Schools
private practice

Bob Seybold, Ph.D., LP (1980)
University of Minnesota, University program director, Counseling and Consulting Services

Kay Thomas, Ph.D., LP (1985)
University of Minnesota, director of International Student and Scholar Services

Faculty and staff
Pat McCarthy Veach, Ph.D.
CSPP program coordinator and training director

Christopher Buckley
Senior Alumni Relations Officer
College of Education and Human Development

John Romano, Ph.D.
CSPP faculty liaison to the Alumni Council

Any CSPP alum who is interested in serving on the council is welcome to attend meetings. For information about the council or to share your ideas about events for alums, contact any member of the council.