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Educational Psychology
250 Education Sciences Bldg
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Voice: 612-624-6083

Educational Psychology
250 Education Sciences Bldg
56 East River Road
Minneapolis, MN
55455-0364 USA

Tel: 612-624-6083
Fax: 612-624-8241

Frances P. Lawrenz


Associate Vice President for Research

Educational Psychology
174 EdSciB
56 East River Rd


Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Science and mathematics program evaluation, assessment instrument development, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, mixed methods.

My major research focus is science and mathematics program evaluation. My evaluations utilize a variety of techniques to best fit the needs of a given situation and usually involve mixing methods in a variety of ways. I presently am involved in the evaluation of several national science and mathematics programs. I am interested in instrument development and in distinguishing among various types of assessments those that are most appropriate for a given situation.

Courses I teach
(all EPSY courses)

EPSY 5243—Principles and Methods of Evaluation
EPSY 5247—Qualitative Methods in Educational Psychology
EPSY 8247—Advanced Interviewing and NVIVO


Selected Publications

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    Graduate-Professional Teaching Award for her contributions to graduate and professional education, 2002

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