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Frequently asked questions

Is ASL accepted as a second language at the University of Minnesota of Minnesota?

YES! In 1987, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) recognized ASL as a complete and natural language. ASL may apply as either credit or proficiency toward the second language requirement. A student may test for proficiency in ASL to meet the second language requirement (consult your CLA Advising Web for more information).

How many credits are required to meet the second language requirement?

Your academic program determines the number of credits needed. Most students require 4 semesters (5 credits per semester) to meet the proficiency requirements. Many students elect to take ASL 3705 - Cultural Perspectives of Deafness (3 cr.).

Where is ASL offered?

ASL course are offered through the Department of Educational Psychology at the College of Education and Human Development at the University. Credit for ASL coursework may also be transferred to the College of Liberal Arts if it is earned at other higher education institutions following the U of M credit transfer guidelines. Contact the ASL Program Office for a listing of additional classes in the community. Classes are located at LES 140A, B, C; there may be times that the classes will be offered elsewhere on campus.

When is ASL offered?

The ASL classes are offered each semester, including the summer semester. You can check the schedule online at

Can I get an override for classes that are closed?

It depends. You may want to contact the instructor or attend class on the first day to get a magic number (override) if available.

*TIP* Show up first day of class, even class is full - your chances of getting a magic number is greatly increased if you show up, and there's a possibility that students have dropped out, even the lists say full.

Can I transfer ASL credits from other institutions?

American Sign Language credits are transferable from other accredited colleges and universities. For more information regarding the transfer of credits and credits by special examination, please contact the ASL Program.

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