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Research lab: Robin Codding


  • Prevention and intervention of academic problems
  • Data-based instructional decision making
  • Evaluation of the circumstances surrounding responsiveness to various levels of academic support
  • Implementation of evidence-based practices in schools


Accelerating Math Performance with Practice Strategies (AMPPS)

This project involves the development and evaluation of a resource-friendly mathematics intervention program focusing on whole number knowledge that aligns with current empirical evidence and educational policy.

Three pilot projects are examining the following questions:

  • Do motivation components enhance the impact of the instructional components of the AMPPS program?
  • How do math outcomes compare when children receive AMPPS or business as usual intervention services?
  • Does direct teaching of subitizing improve outcomes more than other common instructional strategies?

Evaluating Factors that Contribute to Students' Responsiveness to Intervention

The students in my lab and I are working on several projects that evaluate several factors that may contribute to treatment effectiveness of mathematics interventions including: (a) treatment dose, (b) anxiety, (c) task interest, (d) self-efficacy, (e) types of practice opportunities, (f) goal setting and performance feedback, and (g) technology.

"My research interests focus on the intersection of intervention and implementation by developing and exploring the effectiveness of school-based interventions, the factors that contribute to student responsiveness of those interventions, and strategies to support intervention implementation."

Robin Codding headshot

Robin Codding

  • Lab director
  • Associate professor, school psychology program, Department of Educational Psychology

Research group

Rebecca Edmunds headshot

Rebecca Edmunds Ph.D. graduate student, school psychology

This is Rebecca's third year working in Dr. Robin Codding's lab. For two years she worked on the AMPPS (Accelerating Math Performance with Practice Strategies) project. In this role she helped develop materials and delivered the intervention with 2nd and 3rd grade students. She is currently working on a project providing external evaluation for Serve Minnesota - Minnesota Math Corps. Rebecca's research interests include exploring the role of academic enablers (such as motivation) in the math context.

Jenna Klaft headshot

Jenna Klaft Ph.D. graduate student, school psychology

Jenna's research interests fall into the realm of implementation science and methods of supporting implementation fidelity. Her work has focused on the use of consultative supports in improving teachers' use of class-wide behavioral interventions and assessing different dimensions of implementation fidelity and how they relate to improving student outcomes. Her work in Robin's lab has included piloting a tier-2 math intervention and assisting with a year-long statewide evaluation of the AmeriCorps Math Corps program.

Kourtney Kromminga headshot

Kourtney Kromminga Ph.D. graduate student, school psychology

Kourtney is a second year doctoral student interested in examining the effectiveness of tablet applications at improving student math proficiency. She has worked with Dr. Codding on her AMPPS project for two years. As part of Dr. Codding's research team, Kourtney aids in delivering math interventions, program development, manuscript writing, and works collaboratively with other graduate student's on projects which various members of the group have led.

Recent publications

Codding, R.S., Volpe, R. J., & Poncy, B. C. (2017). Effective Math Interventions: A Guide to Improving Whole-Number Knowledge. New York: Guilford Press.

VanDerHeyden, A., Codding, R. S., & *Martin, R. (2017). Relative value of common screening measures in mathematics. School Psychology Review, 46, 65-87.

Codding, R. S., VanDerHeyden, A. M., *Martin, R. J., *Allard, N., *Desai, S., & *Pearrault, L. (2016). Manipulating treatment dose: Evaluating the frequency of a small group intervention targeting whole number operations. Journal of Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 31, 208-220

Codding, R. S., Mercer, S., Connell, J., Fiorello, C. & *Kleinert, W. (2016). Mapping the relationships among basic facts, concepts and application, and common core curriculum-based mathematics measures. School Psychology Review, 45, 19-38.