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Recent Educational Psychology Dissertations

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Counseling & Student Personnel Psychology

  • Who does not return for community eating disorders treatment? An examination of personality, eating disorder and situational variables measured at initial evaluation
    Aimee J. Arikian, 2011
    Advisor: Thomas J. Hummel
  • Secondary traumatic stress and posttraumatic growth: Risk and protective factors among American Red Cross disaster responders and disaster mental health workers
    Sarah Beckman, 2015
    Advisor: John Romano
  • The role of learning agility in workplace performance and career advancement
    Christopher Bedford, 2011
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Portrait of the master genetic counselor: A qualitative investigation of expertise in genetic counseling
    Cacy Jai Capel-Miranda, 2012
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Portrait of the master genetic counselor: A qualitative investigation of expertise in genetic counseling
    Cacy Jai Capel-Miranda, 2012
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Promoting viable career choice goals through career decision-making self-efficacy and career maturity in inner-city high school students: A test of social-cognitive career theory
    Julia L. Conkel-Ziebell, 2010
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • What matters for black students? A question of sense of belonging, campus climate, perceived discrimination, gender, and institutional satisfaction
    Shari Dade, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Relationship between Women's Empathy and Their Experience of Violent Intimate Relationships: An Exploratory Study
    Duffy, Cortney Del 2016
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • A mixed methods study of the impact of providing therapy to traumatized clients: Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and vicarious posttraumatic growth in mental health therapists
    Monica Froman, 2014
    Advisor: John Romano
  • Delay discounting as a measure of impulsivity
    Lidan Gu, 2012
    Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Key experiences in the adjustment of academically successful Chinese undergraduate international students at the University of Minnesota: A qualitative study
    Kangting Ji Heins, 2015
    Advisors: Patricia McCarthy Veach and Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Relationship between racial microaggression and psychological wellbeing of African American college students
    Charles Helm, 2013
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • A test of the social cognitive career theory to predict career interests and goal setting among multi-ethnic, low SES adjudicated adolescents
    Michelle AKC Hermann-Fritz, 2010
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Personal and professional characteristics of Japanese master therapists: A qualitative investigation on expertise in psychotherapy and counseling in Japan
    Tatsuya Hirai, 2010
    Advsior: Michael P.Goh
  • Characteristics of highly resilient therapists
    Jian-Ming Hou, 2015
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • The unique challenges in counseling infertile individuals and couples
    Ju-Ping Huang, 2013
    Advsior: Kay Herting Wahl
  • The relationship between negative life events as measured by family experiences and the working alliance
    Kathleen Joachim, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • The mediating roles of fear of compassion from self and others, self-compassion, and perceptions of social support on the relationships between self-critcism and depressive symptoms
    Ju Ri Joeng, 2014
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Walking in your patient’s shoes: An investigation of genetic counselor empathy in clinical practice
    Jui-Hsien Kao, 2010
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Grief counseling best practices at university counseling centers: Current preparedness and future directions
    Yang-Hyang Kim, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Is it all grist for the mill?: Supervisor experiences with supervisee personal self-disclosure in supervision
    Angela J. Koivula, 2014
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • An investigation of counselor trainees' perceptions of supervisor culturally competent feedback behaviors and general behaviors in supervision
    Hyun Kyung Lee, 2011
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Effects of PREPARE/ENRICH couple relationship education for Chinese college students in heterosexual exclusive dating relationships
    Ziqiu Li, 2015
    Advsior: John Romano
  • Development and validation of the master psychotherapist characteristics inventory
    Fengqin Lian, 2012
    Advisors: Thomas J. Hummel and Kay Herting Wahl
  • Anxiety's effect on the experience of supervision of genetic counseling students
    Ian Macfarlane, 2013
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Creation and validation of a scale to measure the reluctance to video record individual Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) sessions
    Sonal Markanda, 2015
    Advisor: Kay Herting Wahl
  • An Investigation of the Role of Psychological Altruism in Living Kidney Donors
    McLaughlin,Michaela Leigh 2016
    Advisors: Caroline Burke, Patricia Veach
  • Measuring psychopathy traits and antisocial behaviors in three groups of male adolescent sex offenders and male non-sexual delinquents
    Jason D. Netland, 2010
    John Romano
  • Traditional Lakota Concept of Well-Being: A Qualitative Study
    Noisy Hawk, Lyle James 2016
    Advisor: Sherri Turner
  • Qualitative study of the development and maintainance of pathological gambling in females: And making the choice to recover
    Kerry O'Brien, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • The other mother: An exploration of non-biological lesbian mothers' unique parenting experience
    Morgan Paldron, 2014
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • A Study of Highly Skilled LGBT-Affirmative Psychologists in College Settings
    Park, Nicole Lee 2016
    Advisors: Thomas Skovholt, Caroline Burke
  • Therapist cultural intelligence as a moderator of working alliance and outcome in multicultural counseling
    Michael Peterson, 2013
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh
  • Validation and Extension of the Reciprocal-Engagement Model of Genetic Counseling Practice: A Qualitative Investigation of Genetic Counselor Goals, Strategies, and Behaviors
    Redlinger-Grosse,Krista A. 2016
    Advisor: Patricia Veach
  • Yoga as a psychological intervention: Conceptualizations and practice integration of professional psychologist-yoga teachers
    Anna Roth, 2014
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Supervisory interventions and reactions following an attempted or completed suicide by a supervisee’s client
    Sandra S. Sanger, 2010
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • The role of self-compassion and emotional approach coping in the relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and psychological distress among east asian international students
    He Weon Seo, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • HBCU vs. PWI: Institutional integration at PWIs and black doctoral student depression, anxiety, and stress
    Marcuetta De'Angela Sims, 2014
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • The psychological influence of therapists’ professional lives: The effects of exploring the deep
    Michael T. Starkey, 2010
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • A study of peer-nominated exemplars of social justice commitment in counseling and psychology
    Adam D. Sumner, 2013
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh
  • A qualitative investigation of master group therapists' case conceptualization of group counseling
    Yoonhee Sung, 2013
    Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Who should I bring? A qualitative examination of the role of the support person in the cancer genetic counseling appointment
    Ruth Swartwood, 2014
    Advisor: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • A case for mindfulness practice in fostering multicultural competence in counseling
    Sam C. Tourek, 2014
    Advsior: Michael P. Goh
  • An exploration of sexual trauma therapists' experience of vicarious trauma: Knowledge, coping strategies and motivation factors in continuing their work
    Chia-Chen Tu, 2011
    Advisor: Kay Herting Wahl
  • Empathy training in genetic counseling: An investigation of how genetic counselors learn to "walk in their patients' shoes"
    Erin R. Vandenlangenberg, 2012
    Advsior: Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • Mixed methods analysis of multicultural identity and psychological help seeking beliefs in in college students
    Jeffrey P. Walter, 2012
    Advisor: Thomas M. Skovholt
  • Development, experience and expression of meaning in genetic counselors lives: An exploratory analysis
    David Wells, 2014
    Patricia McCarthy Veach
  • HBCU vs. PWI: Institutional integration at PWIs and black doctoral student depression, anxiety, and stress
    Marcuetta Williams, 2014
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • An investigation of virtues (derived from character strengths) in relation to psychological adjustment among Chinese international college students
    Weiyang Xie, 2015
    Advisor: Sherri L. Turner
  • Themes in the career development of 1.5 generation Hmong American women
    Ava Yang, 2010
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh
  • College students' and counselor trainees' perceptions of a psychologically healthy person: A comparative study on cultural values between the United States and South Korea
    Kyu Jin Yon, 2012
    Advisor: Michael P. Goh

Psychological Foundations of Education

  • What differentiates a fluent reader from a non-fluent reader and how should we assess it: Implications for the classroom
    Shirley Alt, 2011
    Advisor: S. Jay Samuels and Mark Davison
  • Changing mental representations using related physical models: The effects of analyzing number lines or learner internal scale of numerical magnitude
    Barbara J. Bengtson, 2013
    Advisor: William M. Bart
  • Professional culture fit and work-related quality of life in academic departments: A phenomenographic approach
    Tatiana Canales Opazo, 2011
    Advisor: David W. Johnson
  • The effects of questioning during and after reading on inference generation between skilled and less-skilled comprehenders
    Sarah Carlson, 2011
    Advisor: Paul van den Broek
  • The association between math teachers' moral judgment development and self-efficacy beliefs, and their relationship with student achievement
    Julia Chears-Young, 2014
    Advisors: Geoffrey Maruyama and Muriel Bebeau
  • The effects of interest on inference generation while reading
    Virginia Clinton, 2011
    Advisors: Paul van den Broek and Sashank Varma
  • Analysis of two randomized field trials testing the effects of online vocabulary instruction on vocabulary test scores
    Charles Fehr, 2011
    Advisors: S. Jay Samuels and Mark Davison
  • Effects of cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning structures on college student achievement and peer relationships: A series of meta-analyses
    Caroline L. Hilk, 2013
    Advisor: David W. Johnson
  • Using testing to potentiate learning from expository texts
    Mark Lewis, 2013
    Advisor: Sashank Varma
  • How people reason: A grounded theory of scientific reasoning about global climate change
    Shiyu Liu, 2014
    Advisor: Frances P. Lawrenz
  • The influence of prereading and recall instructions on attention and memory for scientific seductive texts
    Michael Mensink, 2011
    Advisors: S. Jay Samuels and Paul van den Broek
  • Ethnic identity development in Latino youth: A meta analysis of the research
    Maria Pabon, 2010
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Integration and validation in hybrid-online teacher preparation: A case study of persistence in a Native American special education licensure program
    Donna Patterson, 2013
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • The role of implicit learning on incidental vocabulary acquisition while reading
    Benjamin Seipel, 2011
    Advisor: Paul van den Broek
  • The effects of casual relations and propositional density in texts on item difficulty in reading comprehension assessment
    Russell E. Swineburne Romine, 2013
    S. Jay Samuels and Sashank Varma
  • Reducing Hindsight Bias: Tests of a Retrieval-Based Theory
    Martin Van Boekel, 2016
    Advisors: Sashank Varma, Geoffrey Maruyama

Quantitative Methods in Education

  • Multilevel modeling of item position effects
    Anthony Albano, 2012
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
    Beckman,Matthew D.
    Advisor: Garfield, Joan, delMas, Robert
  • Evaluating the use of two different models of collaborative tests in an online introductory statistics course
    Audbjorg Bjornsdottir, 2012
    Joan B. Garfield
  • A restricted bi-factor model of subdomain relative strengths and weaknesses
    Yu-Feng Chang, 2015
    Advisor: Mark Davison
  • An exploratory technique for finding the q-matrix for the DINA model in cognitive diagnostic assessment: Combining theory with data
    Catherine Close, 2012
    Mark Davison and Ernest Davenport
  • Simulating the Effects of Test Score Reliability and Test Dimensionality on Teacher Value-Added Scores and Inferences.
    Danielle N. Dupuis, 2015
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Check Int CR- Evaluating Statewide School Accountability Systems: Comparison of Growth Models
    Katherine D. Edwards, 2016
    Advisors: Frances Lawrenz, Nidhi Kohli
  • A Twist Of Positive Youth Development: Maladaptive Self-Regulation In Early Adolescence
    Yuefeng Hou, 2016
    Advisor: Geoffrey Maruyama
  • The Role of Rational Numbers in Mathematical Achievement and Decision Making
    James Houseworth, 2016
    Advisors: Sashank Varma, Keisha Varma
  • Improving the use of subscores on a test battery: Some reliability and validity evidence from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children- Fourth Edition
    Lan Huang, 2015
    Advisor: Mark Davison
  • A consideration of issues related to the Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Evaluation Use and Evaluation Involvement Scales
    Gina Johnson, 2011
    Advisor: Frances Lawrenz
  • Misspecification of the covariance matrix in the linear mixed model: A monte carlo simulation
    Brandon C. Lebeau, 2013
    Advisor: Michael H. Harwell
  • Revisting three comparisons of unobserved conditional invariance techniques for the detection of differential item functioning
    Quintin Love, 2014
    Advisors: Ernest Davenport and Geoffrey Maruyama
  • Cross-national comparisons of the association between student motivation for learning mathematics and achievement linked with school contexts: Results from TIMSS 2007
    Pey-yan Liou, 2010
    Advisors: Frances Lawrenz and Ernest Davenport
  • A spatial regression discontinuity evaluation of Minnesota's Quality Compensation for Teachers Program
    Christopher Moore, 2015
    Advisors: Ernest Davenport and Frances Lawrenz
  • Developing and validating an instrument to measure college Students' Inferential Reasoning in Statistics: An argument-based approach to validation
    Jiyoon Park, 2012
    Advisors: Robert delMas and Joan Garfield
  • Quantifying quality: The effects of score transformation method and school demographics on school rankings under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    Alison Phillips, 2015
    Advisors: Frances Lawrenz and Andrew Zieffler
  • Differential item functioning in computerized adaptive testing: Can CAT self-adjsut enough?
    Chayut Piromsombat, 2014
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport
  • Model selection with the linear mixed effects model for longitudinal data
    Ji Hoon Ryoo, 2010
    Advisors: Jeffrey Long and Michael Harwell
    Anelise Guimaraes Sabbag, 2016
    Advisors: Joan Garfield, Andrew Zieffler
  • Modeling Item Features that Characterize Measurement Bias
    Luke David Stanke, 2016
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • Interview codings of attachment style: Using profile analysis to understand the patterns involved
    Rebecca Swinburne Romine, 2011
    Advisor: Michael Rodriguez
  • An empirical study of Bonett's (2009) Meta-Analytic Model
    Aolin Xie, 2012
    Advisor: Michael R. Harwell
  • Reconceptualizing statistical literacy: Developing an assessment for the modern introductory statistics course
    Laura Ann Ziegler, 2014
    Advisors: Joan B. Garfield and Michelle Everson
  • Assessing dimensionality of latent structures underlying dichotomus item response data with imperfect models
    Cengiz Zopluoglu, 2013
    Advisor: Ernest Davenport

School Psychology

  • Teacher-student relationships: Examining student perceptions of teacher support and positive student outcomes
    Sarah B. Berman-Young, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra L. Christenson
  • Accountability, adequate yearly progress, and evidence-based interventions: Are the needs of students with disabilities being addressed?
    Magdalena Brockel, 2010
    Advisor: James E Ysseldyke
  • Parental expectations and aspirations for their children's educational attainment: An examination of the college-going mindset among parents
    Monica Jean Bryson, 2010
    Advisor: Sandra L. Christenson
  • The influence of parenting stress and social support on parenting behavior during a preventative parenting education program for enhancing school readiness
    Kate Clayton, 2015
    Advisors: Theodore J. Christ and Scott McConnell
  • Using BEA and parent-tutors to boost achievement for K-PALS nonresponders
    Melissa Coolong-Chaffin, 2011
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • Examining the effects of an attribution retraining intervention on the attributions and engagement of alternative school students
    Maureen Cooper, 2015
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • The influences of linguistic demand and cultural loading on cognitive scores
    Damien C. Cormier, 2012
    Advisor: Jim Ysseldyke
  • Giftedness and underachievement: A comparison of student groups
    Jennifer Davie, 2012
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Student-Centered Analyses of Classroom Perceptions and their Prediction of Student Disengagement
    Demers, Joseph Andrew 2016
    Advisor: Christ, Theodore
  • Investigating Why Phrase Drill Works: The Effects of Modeling and Sentence Repetition on Student Oral Reading Fluency Skills
    Edwards,Lynn Marie 2016
    Advisor:Burns, Matthew
  • Determinants of school completion: Student perceptions of success at an experiential learning high school.
    Hagen, Elizabeth Mary 2015
    Advisor: Christenson, Sandra
  • A Comparison of Targeted and Multicomponent Small-Group Reading Interventions in Early Elementary Grades.
    Hall, Matthew Steven 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Chronic social isolation, risk and protective factors in adolescence: A longitudinal study
    Jennifer Hall-Lande, 2011
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Language environments in toddler classrooms: The contribution of setting, teacher, and child variables
    Meghan C. Hickey, 2010
    Advisor: James E Ysseldyke
  • A continuum of persistence: Low-income and first-generation college students' perceptions of critical factors for postsecondary success
    Zoila Ganuza Hoaglund, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Parental expectations and aspirations for their children's educational attainment: An examination of the college-going mindset among parents
    Monica J. Jacob, 2010
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Relationship between the Learning Hierarchy and Academic Achievement on Strategies Used by Third-Grade Students when Solving Multiplication Word Problems
    Kanive,Rebecca Ann 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Intervening with the Interventionist: Matching Interventions for Treatment Integrity to Stages of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change
    Karich, Abbey C. 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Examining the evidence-base for the interventions used in a large urban district
    David A. Klingbeil, 2013
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • Technology-enhanced formative assessment in mathematics for English language learners
    Adam J. Lekwa, 2012
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • School Psychologists' Consistency and Confidence in Learning Disability Identification: The Impact of Identification Methodology and Inconclusive Student Data
    Maki, Kathrin E. 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Amanda Sullivan
  • Relation between family literacy practices and children's literacy development: Exploring the link between home and school
    Jaclyn A. McMurray, 2012
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Screening with FAST early reading measures: An examination of individual measures and composite scores
    Barbara Monaghen, 2014
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Self-regulated learning, classroom context, and achievement: A dual-method investigation
    Julia Ann Gdula Nelson, 2014
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Student perceptions of the classroom environment: Actionable feedback as a catalyst for instructional change
    Peter Nelson, 2014
    Advisor: James E Ysseldyke
  • Parental trust of schools and its role in postsecondary readiness
    Rosalie Palan, 2015
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • Examining the potential use of instructionally-relevant assessment data in early writing
    David C. Parker, 2012
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • Using student performance during a reading intervention to predict student outcomes and performance on accountability measures of reading
    Lorien B. Parson, 2012
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • Enhancing maintenance and generalization of incremental rehearsal through theory-based modifications
    Shawna M Petersen-Brown, 2013
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • The personal readiness evaluation for postsecondary (PREP): A development and validation study
    Angie J. Pohl, 2012
    Advisor: Sandra Christenson
  • The Comparative Effects of Dyad Mathematics Interventions on Improving Multiplication Proficiency
    Pulles, Sandra Moran 2016
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ
  • Effects of graphical feedback and coaching on the quantity and quality of parent-child language interaction
    Brooke Rafdal, 2011
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • School Psychologists’ Decision Making in Evaluations for Emotional Disturbance
    Sadeh, Shanna S. 2016
    Advisors: Amanda Sulliva, Matthew Burns
  • Investigating social competence in students with high intelligence
    Wendi M. Schirvar, 2013
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Developing a teacher rating scale of preschool student behavior for use in an RTI decision-making framework
    Braden Schmitt, 2014
    Advisors: Theodore J. Christ and Scott McConnell
  • Direct and indirect effects of textbook modality on adolescents' reading engagement and comprehension
    Sarah E. Scholin, 2013
    Advisor: Matthew Burns
  • The relationships between out-of-school suspension, student engagement, and dropout
    Sarah Scullin Stokes, 2011
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Predicting intervention effectiveness from oral reading accuracy and rate measures through the learning hierarchy/instructional hierarchy
    Isadora E. Szadokierski
    Advisors: Jennifer McComas and Matthew Burns
  • Examination of the usefulness of the picture naming individual growth and development indicator for preschoolers with disabilities
    Maura D. Tanabe, 2012
    Advisors: Scott McConnell and Amanda Sullivan
  • Examining the link between reported practices associated with a comprehensive model of reading service delivery and reported outcomes of EL2 and EL1 students
    Marie S. Tolbize, 2012
    Advisor: James E Ysseldyke
  • Identifying profiles of reading strengths and weaknesses at the secondary level
    Allison M. Trentman, 2012
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • An evaluation of the accuracy of time series interpretations of CBM-R progress monitoring data
    Ethan Vannorman, 2015
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Screening with FAST earlyReading measures: An examination of individual measures and composite scores
    Barbara Vetter, 2014
    Advisor: Theodore J. Christ
  • Defining and Measuring School Readiness using Confirmatory Factor Analysis Techniques
    Ward,Jenna Marie 2016
    Advisors: Annie Hansen-Burke, Theodore Christ
  • A proposed algebra problem-analysis model
    Christopher Walick, 2015
    Advisors: Matthew Burns and Theodore Christ
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of positive life changes social-emotional learning curriculum
    Julie Whitmore, 2014
    Advisor: James E. Ysseldyke
  • Using Measures of Mathematics to Predict Response to Supplemental Intervention.
    Zaslofsky, Anne Follen 2015
    Advisors: Matthew Burns, Theodore Christ

Special Education

  • Comparing cutaneous sensory reactivity between children with and without global developmental delay
    Chantel Barney, 2014
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • Evaluating tier II reading instruction with high school sophomores in a response to intervention framework
    Christina Bemboom, 2011
    Advisor: Kristen L. McMaster
  • Comparison of placement decisions based on picture Naming 1.0 and picture naming 2.0
    Amanda Besner, 2014
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Repeated reading with and without vocabulary instruction: Outcomes for English language learners
    Dana Brandes, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Functional communication training in Rett syndrome
    Breanne Byiers, 2013
    Advisor: Frank J Symons
  • Examining Generalization Performance in a Conditional Discrimination Task for Learners with Moderate to Severe Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Chen, Mo 2016
    Reichle, Joe
  • The Classroom Learning Activities Checklist: Validity Evidence of an Observation Tool in Preschool
    Candee, Allyson Joelle 2016
    Advisor: McConnell, Scott
  • The effects of training in universal design for learning
    Ting-Wen Chen, 2014
    Advisor: Susan Hupp
  • The effects of African American and European American males' behavior styles on preservice teachers' ratings of acceptability, achievement, and aggression
    Bryan Cichy, 2010
    Advsior: Susan Rose
  • Using functional analysis methodology to evaluate neuroleptic medication effects on positively and negatively reinforced severe problem behavior
    Stacy Danov, 2010
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • The development of the Minnesota Visual Autism Symptom Scale
    Diane E. Halpin, 2010
    Advisors: Susan Hupp and Brian Abery
  • Testing a model for assessment and intervention decision-making for students with co-occuring behavior problems and reading difficulties in the classroom: Exploring the relative effects of antecedent intervention strategies
    Andrea Egan Hamad, 2014
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Effects of data-based instruction for students with intensive early writing needs: A randomized control trial
    Pyung-Gang Jung, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Technical characteristics of e-based vs. paper-pencil CBM tasks for students who are deaf and hard of hearing.
    Elizabeth Anne Lam, 2015
    Advisors: Kristen McMaster, Susan Rose
  • Exploring Early Childhood Language Environments: A Comparison of Language Exposure, Use and Interaction in the Home and Child Care Settings
    Anne Larson, 2016
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Effectiveness of Mathematical Word Problem Solving Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities and Mathematics Difficulties: A Meta-Analysis
    Amy E. Lein, 2016
    Advisor: Asha Jitendra
  • Social Communication Across Language Environments in Nonverbal Children with ASD from English and non-English Speaking Families.
    Emily Rudrud Monn, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Professional development including performance feedback to support home visitors' use of caregiver coaching strategies during home visits
    Kellie Krick Olson, 2014
    Advisors: Joe Reichle and LeAnne Johnson
  • An examination of fidelity of two parent-implemented vocabulary interventions for young learners with autism spectrum disorder
    Parker-Mcgowan,Quannah Elizabeth 2016
    Advisor: Joe Reichle
  • Word Identification for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
    Brooke A. Peterson, 2015
    Advisor: Susan Rose
  • The effects of computer-assisted instruction in reading: A meta-analysis
    Amy Kunkel, 2015
    Advisor: Kristen McMaster
  • Interpretation of ambiguous emotional cues of children with developmental cognitive disabilities and its relation to their social skills
    Heeyeon Lee, 2011
    Advisors: Susan Hupp and Kristen McMaster
  • Predictors of adherence to treatment by parents in a behavioral intervention curriculum for children with autism spectrum disorders
    Timothy R. Moore, 2010
    Advisor: Frank Symons
  • An investigation into the validity of using a CSA to inform hypotheses regarding student behavior
    Meredith Peterson, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Teaching for transfer of an evidence-based reading strategy: An experimental field trial
    Viveca Pinto, 2012
    Advisors: Stanley L. Deno and Kristen McMaster
  • Examining Special Educators Verbal Responsiveness in Groups of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    Qian, Xueqin 2015
    Advisor: Joe Reichle
  • A comparison of word learning in 3-year-old children at-risk for language and literacy difficulties in two conditions: Dialogic reading and activity-based intervention
    Naomi L. Rahn, 2013
    Advisor: Scott McConnell
  • Communication intervention for children with severe neurodevelopmental disabilities: An application of telehealth as a service delivery mechanism
    Jessica Jo Simacek, 2016
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Examining Effects of a Repeated Reading Intervention and Predictive Effects of Student Inputs.
    Stephanie Marie Snidarich, 2015
    Advisor: Jennifer McComas
  • Identifying the characteristics of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
    Fumio Someki, 2011
    Advisor: Asha Jitendra
  • Treatment fidelity: Relation to treatment acceptability and change over time
    Gizem Tanol, 2010
    Advisors: Jennifer McComas and LeAnne Johnson
  • The relative effects of various intervention approaches on the reading fluency and comprehension of fifth and sixth grade struggling readers
    Dana Wagner, 2011
    Advisor: Christine Espin
  • Effects of a collaborative intervention on the quality of preservice teachers' data based decision making
    Jennifer Wilson, 2013
    Advisor: Susan Hupp
  • An examination of avoidance extinction procedures in treatment of maladaptive higher-order repetitive behavior in autism
    Jason J. Wolff, 2010
    Advisors: Susan Hupp and Frank Symons