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Ruth E. Hall Fund for Graduate Student Professional Development

Ruth E. Hall Fund for Graduate Student Professional Development: Gift money from Department of Family Social Science alumni, faculty, and friends is allocated in the amount of $400 for out-of-state travel and up to $600 for travel to international professional conferences to support graduate students who present scholarship and/or have major roles in a conference.

The Ruth E. Hall application can be found on the forms page. Submit to Graduate Student Services Support (290B McNH) the following documents at least two weeks before domestic travel, and four weeks before international travel: application, evidence of the role of presentation must accompany the application, Travel Authorization Form, which can be found here, and email the APA-style citation of your presentation. If your presentation is a poster, submit your poster to the department communications associate when you return.

Students traveling outside the U.S. are also required to register with the Global Programs & Strategy (GPS) Alliance office. Submit copies of your University-approved international travel, health, and security insurance, and the Student Release and Waiver form along with your Ruth E. Hall application.

After students graduate, they will be encouraged to contribute to the Ruth E. Hall fund for future student support; this fund is built on reciprocity. Students are not limited in the number of times they may apply for these funds.


Students may apply for a travel grant from GradSEHD. Applicants are eligible for one travel grant per year. Applications must be received in the GradSEHD office approximately two months prior to travel dates. See the website for application instructions.

Neubeck/Maddock Scholarship

This award is to be presented to a student who is giving a paper, who is a recipient of an award, or who is meeting some other professional responsibility at NCFR or another organization appropriate to the content of family social science. Travel grant(s) may be awarded to FSoS graduate students working towards a master’s or doctoral degree. The department sends out an announcement in September when applications are due.

COGS Travel Fund

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) gives awards to Master’s and Ph.D. students for travel to conferences and educational programs.

Applying for departmental awards

Department of Family Social Science assistantships and fellowships are available to students enrolled in M.A. (Plan A or B) or Ph.D. degree programs in family social science, and to M.Ed. (Plan C) in Family Education (where specified under award criteria).

Application information will be emailed to students early spring semester.

Award selection criteria

Award decisions are based on the strength of the student's application, and compatibility with the following criteria:

Full-time student
Academic standing
Progress toward degree plan and professional goals
Clarity and specificity of work plan
Aggressive and realistic work plan
Anticipated benefit to student's timely degree completion
Student's professional goals and trajectory suggest exceptional future contributions to the family field
Fit with selection criteria of fund/fellowship/assistantship

Strong applications provide a clear plan of work, both conceptually and theoretically. It is your job as the applicant to convince the awards committee that the work you are proposing can be completed; using details and specific examples is an essential part of that process. If you have further questions about the awards or selection process, please contact FSOS Grad Student Services Support.

Available Academic Year Awards - M.A. and Ph.D.

Amy Jean Holmblade Knorr Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: One $5,000 fellowship

Ardell H. Wantoch Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

David and Karen Olson Fellowship

Amount: One 50% research assistantship for academic year

Additional Criteria: Priority will be given to a Couple and Family Therapy doctoral student whose dissertation reflects the innovative and academic spirit of professor emeritus Dr. David Olson’s work. This includes the development of family theory, couple/family research methods, and the linkage among family theory, research, and application. Preference for dissertations based on the Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems or PREPARE-ENRICH. Recipients should be ready to work at least 50% time on their dissertation (have passed prelim oral and have an approved dissertation proposal). Publication(s) from the dissertation is an expectation. Dr. Olson will receive a copy of the dissertation abstract and a copy of publications stemming from this project.

Emma Whiteford Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Fallgatter Fellowship

Amount: One $500 fellowship

Florence Munson Wilson Fellowship

Amount: One $5,000 fellowship

Frances Dunning

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Gage Scholarship Fund

Amount: One 25% research assistantship fall semester only

Hauge Fellowship

Amount: One $1,400 fellowship

HC & C Christofferson

Amount: One $1,000 fellowship

Irene Ott International Student Fellowship

Amount: Two $3,000 fellowships

Additional Criteria: Recipients should demonstrate a commitment to international scholarship.

Jean W. Bauer Family Economics and Policy Fellowship

Amount: One $5,000 fellowship

Additional Criteria: Preference for students interested in family economics and policy.

Background: This fellowship honors long-time researcher, educator, and faculty member, Dr. Jean W. Bauer, for her dedicated service to her profession, the University of Minnesota community, and the Department of Family Social Science.

Knorr Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: Two $5,000 fellowships

Letitia Walsh Memorial Fund

Amount: One $5,000 fellowship

Additional Criteria: To support research in the field of family education.

Lucile Garley Blank Fellowship in Ambiguous Loss

Amount: One $6,000 fellowship

Additional Criteria: Preference given to students working in the area of ambiguous loss, followed by scholarship in family stress and coping.

Background: This fellowship was established by Dr. Pauline Boss, professor emeritus, and Ms. Ellen M. Blank, in honor of her mother, Lucy Garley Blank.

Ludden Trust

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

M. Janice Hogan Fellowship

Amount: Two $7,500 fellowships (or one $15,000 fellowship) for the academic year. If one $15,000 award is made, the recipient may receive up to a 25% FSoS assistantship. If two $7,500 awards are made, recipients may receive up to a 50% FSoS department assistantship.

Background: This fellowship honors the work of M. Janice Hogan, professor emeritus of the Department of Family Social Science, who is well known for her work in family resource management and gender roles. She has focused broadly on families, administration of programs that support families, international students, and administration in the College of Human Ecology.

Marie Christenson Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Marjorie Brown Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Mary Ellen McFarland Assistantship

Amount: 50% academic year research assistantship

Additional Criteria: Master’s (Plan A and Plan B) and doctoral students in family social science working on a research or teaching project with a member of the faculty. Students would normally propose: (1) a program of research that would lead to a dissertation, thesis, or research paper; or (2) the co-development of a course or educational program.

Background: Dr. Charlotte Biester established the graduate assistantship in honor of Mary Ellen McFarland to recognize her service, achievement, and leadership in home economics and to encourage students to prepare for advanced service in the family field. Mary Ellen McFarland served as President of the American Home Economics Association (AHEA), Chair of AHEA Foundation Board, President of the Minnesota Home Economics Association, and held other national and international offices.

Priscilla Rugg Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: One 25% research assistantship for academic year

Ragnhild E. Edwardson Fellowship

Amount: One $2,500 fellowship

Robert E. Keane Fellowship in Ambiguous Loss

Amount: One $2,500 fellowship

Additional Criteria: Preference will be given to students studying ambiguous loss, or if not available scholarship in the area of family stress and coping.

Roxanna Ford Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Shirley L. & Peter D. Zimmerman Fund for Family Policy

Amount: One $1,000 fellowship

Additional Criteria: Recipients should be working on a family policy project.

Background: Honors Shirley Zimmerman, FSoS professor emeritus whose area of expertise and passion is family policy.

Wayne Caron Family Caregiving Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Additional Criteria: Recipients should demonstrate a commitment to family gerontology, especially Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers.

William & Georgina Olson

Amount: One $6,000 fellowship

Summer Awards - M.A. and Ph.D.

Waller Summer Fellowship

Amount: $5000 per student (up to 12 total fellowships)

Available Academic Year Awards - M.Ed.

Emma Whiteford Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

Family Education Teacher Preparation Fellowship

Amount: One $1,000 fellowship

Ford Foundation for Family Education Award

Amount: Up to four $4,000 fellowships

Additional Criteria: Applicants must be enrolled in both family education M.Ed. and licensure programs; represent an ethnic minority (non-white) or reside in a non-metro area of Minnesota. Future goals include a focus on serving ethnically diverse audiences and/or audience in non-metro areas of Minnesota. Successful completion of one semester in the program.

Jean Illsley Clarke Fellowship for Parent Education

Amount: One $3,500 fellowship

Additional Criteria: A strong interest in research, teaching, and application of parent education theories and practices. Must be enrolled in the M.Ed. in Family Education program.

Knorr Family Social Science Fellowship

Amount: Two $5,000 fellowships

Roxanna Ford Fellowship

Amount: One $2,000 fellowship

College Funding Opportunities

The College of Education and Human Development maintains a listing of college awards and scholarships, scholarships and awards available through private institutions, financial aid resources, and more. These listings cover specialties and fields from CEHD departments other than family social science, and may not always apply to FSoS students, though students are encouraged to explore these opportunities for funding and support.

University Funding Opportunities

Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. The award includes (in 2015) a stipend of $23,000 for the academic year (September-May), tuition for up to 14 thesis credits each semester (fall and spring), and subsidized health insurance through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. The department recommends approximately one student per year to the Graduate School for this award. Approximately sixty of these fellowships are awarded each year across the entire University.

Diversity of Views and Experiences (DOVE) Fellowship. The fellowship provides a $22,500 stipend, tuition at regular graduate school rates (up to 14 credits per semester), and subsidized health insurance for one academic year. The Fellowship may not be deferred to another academic year. It is a non-renewable award, the taxability of which is governed by the 1986 Tax Reform Act.

More fellowship information from the Graduate Fellowship Office.

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