Giving to the Department of Family Social Science

Your generous support of the Department of Family Social Science is more critical than ever, helping us retain the very best scholars and students. Gifts for undergraduate scholarships help attract and retain promising students while easing the burden of rising tuition. Support for graduate fellowships enables the department to compete nationally and internationally for top graduate students, enhancing our research.

You Make Us Great

The Department of Family Social Science continues to rank as one of the leading departments in the country. Advancing the traditions of innovative applied scholarship allows us to recruit the best young faculty and graduate students in the field, broadening the scope of our research while enriching both undergraduate and graduate education.

What Your Gift Can Do

Your tax-deductible support for the Department of Family Social Science helps us attract and retain the very best scholars and students even as state funding declines. It gives our faculty resources for enlarging knowledge and understanding in childhood trauma, citizen engagement, couple and family therapy, and financial well-being.

Choose a Fund

Jean W. Bauer Family Economics and Policy Fellowship (#8922)

This fellowship honors long-time researcher, educator, and faculty member Dr. Jean W. Bauer, for her dedicated service. During her 29-year career at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Bauer was an active researcher committed to the study of families and economic well-being, a dedicated mentor for graduate students, and an active participant in university, collegiate, and departmental governance. This fund exists as a testament to her legacy in family economics and policy, and facilitates the recruitment of exceptional students in the field.

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ADAPT and Family Resilience Fund (#8038)

Support ADAPT (After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools), a project lead by Dr. Abi Gewirtz that partners with the MN National Guard and Reserves to develop and test parenting resources for families of school-aged children who have gone through the deployment process.

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Ambiguous Loss Visiting Professor Fund (#7645)

The intent of this endowment is to create a faculty position which supports Pauline Boss's work in the area of ambiguous loss and family stress and resilience.

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The Neubeck/Maddock Scholarship (#2191)

The Neubeck/Maddock Scholarship was established to assist students presenting papers at national conferences.

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Friends of the Family Assistantship (#3911)

Since 1995, the Friends of the Family Assistantship has been utilized to endow an assistantship for a Family Social Science graduate student to work on a research or teaching project with a faculty member.

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Family Social Science Strategic Initiative (#2748)

Since 1989, the FSoS Strategic Initiative underwrites projects at the discretion of the department head.

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Ott International Student Fellowship Fund (#1883)

The Ott International Student Fellowship Fund has provided funding since 2007 for graduate fellowships and support in the Family Social Sciences Department. Recipients of the award are full-time graduate students enrolled in a degree program in the Department of Family Social Science, are in good academic standing, and have exceptional potential in their field.

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Shirley Zimmerman Fund (#5487)

The Shirley Zimmerman Fund supports doctoral dissertation, faculty research, colloquium, symposium or conferences regarding family policy since 2000.

David Olson Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (#5816)

Income earned from David Olson Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, established in 2001, is used to support the Department of Family Social Science. An annual award will be made to a doctoral candidate, funding to a maximum at a 50% level. This award would be made for the purpose of successfully completing a doctoral dissertation in the department including presentation of papers at national conferences which further the growth of the student as well as the academic content of the profession.

Jan Hogan Fellowship (#5734)

The Jan Hogan Fellowship has provided Fellowships in Family Social Science Department since 2001.

David H. and Karen Olson Marriage and Family Fellowship (#1920)

The David H. and Karen Olson Marriage and Family Fellowship Fund, launched in 2007, provides funding for graduate fellowships in the Department of Family Social Science for students enrolled in a degree program in the field of marital and family systems. Recipients are in good academic standing, with exceptional potential in their field, preference is given to students who are interested in any project related to the Circumplex Model of Marital and Family Systems.

Visit the University of Minnesota Foundation or contact Lynn Slifer, Development Officer at 612-625-5511 for more information. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Together, we can make a difference.

Ph.D. student Diego Garcia-Huidobro

Giving Matters

"I will use my learning in the academic community but also by serving community people who don't have access to 'scientific knowledge.' These are the people with the greatest need, who need our efforts."

-Diego Garcia-Huidobro, M.D.
Doctoral Student
Family Social Science
Olson Fellowship

Read more about Diego's story.