Shonda Craft


Assistant Professor

Family Social Science

Room 299H McNH
1985 Buford Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

Tel: 612-626-4354

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Areas of Interest

Sexuality and Public Health (HIV; sexual identity, womens health)
Intimate Partner Violence
Couple and Family Therapy
Cultural Identity

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Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Ohio State University
M.S., Family Science, Ohio State University
B.S., Psychology, Ohio State University

Honors & Awards

2007 President's Award, Ohio Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Teaching & Learning

FSoS 5032: Family Systems Theories and Interventions

FSoS 8033: Problems in Families

Research & Discovery

My research interests are focused on the cultural context of the etiology and maintenance of physical, emotional, and mental health conditions within family systems. My research goal is to design, implement, and disseminate culturally informed, multisystemic prevention and intervention models that develop and promote wellness in the following areas:

  • Infectious and chronic illness - particularly focused on HIV and STI
  • Sexual health - sexual authenticity (congruence among identity, attraction, orientation, behaviors, and exploration/fantasies); sexual victimization; early initiation of sexual activity among adolescents
  • Women's health - pregnancy decisions; postpartum depression; intimate partner violence
  • Nutrition and weight management - sedentary behaviors and disordered eating


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