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Jodi Dworkin


Associate Department Head, Associate Professor, and Extension Specialist

299J McNH
1985 Buford Ave
St Paul, MN 55108

Tel: 612-624-3732

Fax: 612-625-4227

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Areas of Interest

Technology and Family Development
Promoting Positive Family Development
Strengthening Families
Normative Adolescent and College Student Development
Parenting Adolescents and College Students

Recent News

It's OK for "tweens" to be bored during summer

Dworkin awarded GPSA travel grant for research in Australia

Dworkin and Jang publish in Journal of Youth Development

Dworkin recognized as COGS Outstanding Faculty


Ph.D., Human and Community Development, University of Illinois
M.S., Human and Community Development, University of Illinois
B.S., Psychology, Allegheny College

Honors & Awards

2013 Council of Graduate Students Outstanding Faculty Award, University of Minnesota

2008 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Florence Hall Award, First Place, Central Region

2008 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Florence Hall Award, State Winner, Minnesota Affiliate

2007 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Internet Education Technology Award, Second Place, National

2007 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Internet Education Technology Award, First Place, Central Region

2006 National Family Life Extension Specialists Early Achievement Award

2006 Innovations in Student Development Award, Minnesota College Personnel Association

2006 College of Human Ecology Award for Innovation and Mission Advancement, University of Minnesota

2005 New Career Excellence Award, College of Human Ecology

Research & Discovery

Jodi’s research and discovery focuses on risk-taking among adolescents and college students, promoting positive family development, and parenting adolescents and college students. Her work attempts a paradigm shift away from the historically negative model of youth risk-taking behaviors to a normative model of youth exploration, one that sees this behavior as functional, intentional and part of an active process of identity formation. A critical piece of her work is developing research-based outreach services to promote positive family development. 

Parenting 2.0 – This project is designed to gain a better understanding of the ways in which, and the reasons that parents use technology. We hope to determine some of the processes that take place that impact parent learning online, and the outcomes from parents’ use of technology. This information will be used for the design, testing, and implementation of educational applications for parents.

Outreach & Engagement

Jodi's outreach and engagement focuses on developing resources to help parents understand normative adolescent and college student development and communicate with their adolescent and college student around risk-taking behaviors, and training professionals in this area of research. Visit the Families with Teens Extension webpage.
Here you can find resources for parents and professionals in English and Spanish.

Key projects include:

Teen Talk - a fact sheet series for talking with teens about challenging topics.

Online research updates for professionals – designed to help professionals working with families of teens explore current research on specific topics in the field of normative adolescent development and what it means for the two-way parent-adolescent relationship. 

Teen-Link - A searchable database of books, journal articles and web sites on teen issues.

Seminar for Parents: Alcohol use on campus and the Seminar for Parents: College Finance - on-line resources for parents of college students and soon-to-be college students developed in partnership with Marjorie Savage, Director of the Parent Program at the University of Minnesota.



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  17. See CV for more publications.