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Jane Newell

Jane Newell

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Ph.D., Family Science - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M.A., Family Social Science - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
B.S., Social Work, minor in Parent Education - St. Cloud State University


Newell's study cited in MN Daily article on relationship advice

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Newell develops series for Student Parent HELP Center

Personal Statement

Teaching is the greatest privilege of my professional life – and working with undergraduates is an honor. I believe that individuals entering higher education are at pivotal crossroads on their life course trajectories. As an educator I am profoundly aware of the precious lives before me and the enormous untapped potential that every student possesses.

Teaching Philosophy

Leading from social constructivist pedagogy, I relate to students as co-generators of knowledge. This empowers and mobilizes their own leadership to emerge in the process of engaging with me (and with each other) in courses that I teach. My philosophical position in phenomenology ensures that I respect and nurture the unique lived-experience of each student as they – and indeed, we – learn and grow. Creating and facilitating a safe place and context wherein students thrive as co-generators of knowledge is the heart of my pedagogy.

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Steep Project

Efforts to change socio-cultural norms and practices through policy development and implementation to decrease tobacco use, promote healthy eating, and change active lifestyles in the four Southeast Asian communities in Minnesota.

Intimate Relationships

Exploring students' perceptions about the course's influence on their intimate relationships and career choices.

Thematic analyses of participants' qualitative responses found that more than 77% attribute lasting and noticeable changes in their intimate relationships resulting from participation in FSoS 1101. Three major findings from narrative accounts are that students reported (1) increased awareness of self as a relational person, (2) greater insight into relationships with others, and (3) increased action to be more mindful and aware in relationships with others. More than one-in-five reported that they changed their majors to a familyoriented field, and others maintained that they would have if they had been exposed to Intimate Relationships earlier in their academic careers.