Welcome to the online home of ADAPT

ADAPT is a project that is being conducted at the University of Minnesota with the support of the Minnesota National Guard and Reserves. We strive to learn about family resilience and to develop tools to support resilience among military families as they cope with the stress of deployment and reintegration.

We have been meeting with National Guard and Reserve families from throughout Minnesota – in fact, we have met with thousands of individuals who have helped inform our work. We honor the families and military staff whom we have heard from so far and we would like to hear from you as well.

We have closed the recruitment phase of our current ADAPT study. Thank you to all military families for your interest, participation, and commitment. We are preparing for the next phase of ADAPT, so please continue to visit our website and Facebook page for details.

Over the past two years we have had the honor of facilitating over 40 parenting workshops related to the deployment cycle - and if you are part of the Minnesota National Guard or Reserves – you have probably seen us – or you will see us at your Family Preparation Academies and your 30-,60-, 90-day reintegration events.

We hope to not only learn from you about how to support military families – but we also aim to give back to the military community by providing workshops, newsletters and parenting groups that will arm your families with the best tools possible as you face deployment and reintegration.

ADAPT featured on CNN

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