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Impact Across Minnesota

Ambit Network has partnered with 69 agencies across Minnesota to train therapists in TF-CBT using a Learning Collaborative model. Since 2007, 508 mental health therapists have been trained in TF-CBT through an Ambit Network learning collaborative.

(To learn more about the Learning Collaborative and training in TF-CBT, please visit Training in TF-CBT with Ambit.)

Cohort Name Number of Participants
Alpha 37
Beta 23
Delta 25
Epsilon 29
Gamma 25
Kappa 23
Lambda 19
Theta 29
Pi 19
Omicron 28
Sigma 43
Rho 28
Sydney 24
Emerald 28
Canberra 24
Verviers 35
Total 439


Professional Degrees and Licensure of Providers Trained in TF-CBT*

Number of Clinicians
Master's of Arts 106
Master of Divinity 2
Master's of Education 3
Master's in Family Therapy 2
Master's of Science 53
Master's in Social Work 76
Doctor of Psychology 25
Doctor of Philosophy 18
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor 6
Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 2
Licensed Graduate Social Worker 39
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 122
Licensed Independent Social Worker 1
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 88
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 37
Licensed Professional Counselor 24
Licensed Psychologist 35
National TF-CBT Trained Certification 13


*these numbers represent the degrees and licensures most recently reported to Ambit Network