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Parents are critical in students' adjustment to college, and therefore key in helping young people to be successful in college. This resource is designed to provide you, as the parent of a University of Minnesota student, with the information and tools you need to support and empower your student to make a successful transition to college, take on increasing responsibilities, and gain the most from their years at the University.

College students receive an array of messages about credit cards, spending, budgeting, and debt from the media, from popular culture, and from their friends. Our hope is that by providing accurate and up-to-date information to parents, students will receive messages from home that will help them make thoughtful and responsible decisions when it comes to managing their finances.

We know that it can be difficult for parents to talk with their students about sensitive topics such as these. This unit includes talking points for discussions about finances including information from students and parents about how they have successfully navigated their finances during college.

The University Parent ProgramUniversity of Minnesota Extension, and the Department of Family Social Science have partnered to bring you the Seminar for Parents: College Finance.