Discernment Counseling Training for Therapists

About the training

The most critical life decision most therapists deal with in their everyday practice is helping couples decide whether to dissolve a marriage or try to save it. Nevertheless few of us have had specific training in assisting an ambivalent couple on the brink of divorce. This online video teaches a step-by-step protocol for offering clients a "consultation for decision-making." We'll explore how to help the partner wanting to leave to examine the decision with integrity, while helping the other partner to both maximize the possibility that the marriage will remain intact and, if necessary, prepare for changes if the divorce happens. The protocol provides time for reflective decision making and challenges each partner's idea that the other "will never change." A videotaped therapy session will demonstrate the skills.

How to purchase

For information on the introductory video training on discernment counseling please visit http://license.umn.edu/technologies/20140312_discernment-counseling-training-video

This video is now embedded in a larger training sequence.

If you are a therapist who has purchased the introductory video and you have a password, you will see a link showing you how to access the video.