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Applying Critical Thinking and Advancing Media Literacy

Critical thinking skills introduce us to potentially making a magnificent, transcendent mind out of our brains. Complex thinking is not easy. I struggle often in the same ways you will. Yet, I believe the concentration is worth it. Together, I bet we can promote a goal that we mutually agree on. That is, improved thinking advances us all as global citizens.

The purpose of our critical thinking tool is to demonstrate how critical thinking levels can be applied to reflect on, analyze, compare information presented in any form of media and art. our goal is to use those thinking processes to synthesize new knowledge and use it in new situations.

How To Use Applying Critical Thinking (ACT) Tool?

Please click on the Applying Critical Thinking link on the image below to view the introduction and description of the tool.

Practice and Application activities offer you an opportunity to practice and develop your thinking skills when applied to Vocal/Music and Sculpture Literacy.

You will also be able to access the analysis samples and practice&application sets using the links on the side menu.

What technology do you need to access these materials?

In order to view the materials in these learning modules, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader will need to be installed on your computer. (Click on the links to download these free software programs.)

Applying Critical Thinking Tool

Applying Critical Thinking model  Advancing Text Literacy presentation Advancing Visual Literacy presentation Advancing Performing Arts Literacy: Theater Advancing Text, Visual, Affective, and Relational Literacy presentation Advancing Dance/Creative Movement Literacy presentation Advancing Vocal/Music Literacy practice tool Advancing Sculpture  Literacy practice tool

For your convenience, we offer you a media collection with pieces of artwork. You can practice your critical thinking skills with resources we offer, or you can select your own art examples for critical thinking analysis and application.

Practice and Application Resources