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Welcome to ADAPT4U

• Are you a military service member, spouse, or partner of a service member?

• Do you have children between the ages of 5 and 12?

• Have you or your partner been deployed overseas since 2001?

• Interested in being involved in cutting edge research that will help inform parenting services provided to military families?

• Have a desire to contribute to the military community and its families?



Families who agree to participate (with at least one parent who deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, and who have a child ages 5-12) will be randomized to participate in one of the following ADAPT4U delivery formats:

Group-Based: A group of 10-12 families will meet together weekly for 14 weeks with 2 or 3 facilitators who help guide them through the ADAPT4U curriculum. Childcare and homework help will be provided for children while their parents attend the groups.

Online ADAPT4U: This self-directed online version of the curriculum will provide families access to our newly developed online curriculum. Families can access this curriculum online from the convenience of their homes at times that are convenient to them. The curriculum includes skill videos, guided skill practice, and knowledge checks.

Tele-health ADAPT4U: With this format, families meet individually with a facilitator coach through confidential video-conferencing. Coaches will guide the families through the 14 week curriculum using the online curriculum and weekly 1-hour meetings.

Parents and children will participate in four separate interviews in order to help us evaluate the effectiveness of each of the three delivery formats of ADAPT4U. These four interviews happen over the course of 2 years and are conducted in the family’s home. During these interviews our staff will have parents and children complete surveys, participate in some puzzles, games, and videotaped conversations among the family members. These activities help us learn directing from families what types of parenting support is most effective. Families are compensated up to $610 for their 2-year participation in this research.


›››ADAPT4U recruitment is now officially closed. Thank you to all the military families in MN and MI that have made this project possible. If you have interest in our work or questions about the next phase of our research, please contact Amy Majerle, ADAPT project manager, at or 612-624-8136.



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