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A recent survey of college students from 11 Minnesota Colleges and Universities, the 2012 College Student Health Assessment Survey, provides data on three factors related to drinking:

According to results collected from the 2012 College Student Health Survey, nearly two-thirds (63.2 percent) of Minnesota students reported using alcohol at least one day within the past month. A quarter (25.1 percent) said they engaged in high-risk drinking at least one time within the past two weeks.

Among 18-year-old Minnesota students, 29.5 percent reported drinking. 40.9 percent of 19 year olds reported drinking, and nearly half (49.4 percent) of 20 year olds reported drinking. (Current drinking is identified as within the past 30 days.) At the legal drinking age, nearly 80 percent of 21 and 22 year olds reported current alcohol use. 

About one in seven 18 year olds (13.3 percent) engage in high risk drinking. 21.7 percent of 19 year olds and 24.2 percent of 20 year olds engage in high risk drinking; numbers peak between ages 21 and 23 when more than a third are binge drinking.

The full report is available online (PDF)