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University of Minnesota Philosophy on Alcohol Use

The University of Minnesota's philosophy is to help students understand the health, financial, and academic risks of excessive alcohol consumption so that they are better able to make responsible choices. In most cases, the University uses an educational, rather than a punitive approach. Students who violate alcohol policies are generally given opportunities to correct their behavior through counseling and education. However, repeated incidents or egregious violations may mean eviction from residence halls.

Students are subject, however, to state and city laws and ordinances. The University confirms, "It is the responsibility of residents to know, understand, and comply with existing state and local statutes, codes, and regulations relating to the possession and consumption of alcohol. Violators must accept responsibility for their actions."

State law stipulates that the legal drinking age in Minnesota is 21; for drivers under 21, Minnesota has a "not a drop" law. Although an adult over 21 may drive as long as his or her blood alcohol level is less than .08, a driver under age 21 is not allowed to have any alcohol in his or her system.

Parents of UMTC Students

This seminar provides information that is applicable to parents of students across the United States, but every college and university has a distinctive culture which affects students’ drinking experiences. This section of the Seminar for Parents: College Drinking provides campus-specific information on the University of Minnesota’s philosophy and policies on alcohol use, data based on trends and experiences of Minnesota college students, alternatives to drinking that students can find on the U of M-Twin Cities (UMTC) campus, and UMTC campus resources.

As you go through the online seminar, keep the campus-specific information in mind, and if you have questions, please contact