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About Community School Connections (CSC)

Community School Connections (CSC) is a network in Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities area, made up of school district staff, community leaders, and staff from the University of Minnesota. We began meeting in the summer of 2008 to discuss issues immigrant parents face within the school system. From that discussion, we formed the CSC.

Example Topics of Discussion

  • What do families need to know about school choice?
  • How can we make school conferences more productive?
  • What can a parent do if a child needs more help with school?
  • What resources are available to help families apply for financial aid for their college-bound student?
  • What can families do to help children get ready for a successful school year?

Our Purpose

The purpose of CSC is to facilitate communication and relationship-building among community leaders , staff from local school districts, and staff from colleges and universities. Through this kind of networking, we will:

  1. Communicate key messages, questions, and concerns between community leaders and school districts
  2. Provide a structure to engage in shared problem-solving
  3. Develop a network of colleagues that can be consulted when problems or challenges emerge
  4. Improve school experiences and academic achievement for young people and families

Organizations Involved

Interested in being part of the group?

For more information, please contact Dr. Sara Axtell, CSC Coordinator, by email at or phone at 612-625-0252