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Practical Guides for Family Finances

Planning Ahead for Retirement (PDF)
It is important to begin planning for retirement early in life, but it is never too late. This publication guides you in planning financial, emotional, and social aspects of your life to prepare for retirement.

Life Attitude Assessment
People plan for financial security in retirement, but they often forget that your approach to life is also critical for good retirement years. Click here to complete a worksheet that helps you assess your attitude toward life.

Children and Money: Teaching Children Money Habits for Life (PDF)
The life-long benefits of teaching children good money habits make it well worth the effort. Check out this publication to help you teach your children money habits for life.

Children and Money: Allowances and Alternatives (PDF)
It is very important for parents to use a consistent approach to giving children money and teaching them about earning, spending, sharing, saving, and borrowing money.